Sunny Thoughts

Well, it’s snowing. Again. Sighh – winter isn’t over yet!

In fact, it’s been crazily windy these last few days (like 70+ miles an hour, ridiculous!).

I can’t help but have my mind wander to sunny places on days like today. Think.sunny.thoughts.

I set out to make a smoothie – and decided to experiment with some lemon extract in my mom’s cabinets.


Pay no attention to the snowy-scene outside, this smoothie ended up tasting like a wonderfully fruity pink lemonade!!

Filled with a combination of milk, water, Truvia,Β mangos, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries and flavored with a little vanilla extract and lemon extract, this thing transported me to the beach!

My original intention with the lemon was simply to try to bring out the fruitiness – but I was pleasantly surprised at how refreshingly, lemonade-like this was, and it was sweet! No pucker!

  • What are your summer flavors?? Lemonade is definitely a flavor I associate with the summer – this restaurant near me does a watermelon lemonade that is out of this world!! Oh, and mint chocolate chip ice cream…

12 thoughts on “Sunny Thoughts

  1. This snow is getting pretty ridiculous.
    I’m thinking sunshine. && my favorite summer flavors are fresh blueberries, peaches and mojitos =]

  2. Sigh, we’re both experiencing the same weather drama. It was sooo nice last week and now it’s snowing, such a tease! Your smoothie totally looks like summer in a glass, I may have to make one soon and cheer up!

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