Ahh – so the general consensus is that winter needs to take a hike!

I’ve been doing my best, in my eats, to trick myself into thinking warm thoughts.

Hence – loads of green!!

Baby Dill – ahhh, reminds me of grass (in appearance)…which makes me long for bringing a blanket to the Common and just chillin’ in the sunshiiiiine with iced coffee, friends and a magazine or book!

Lately, I’ve been playing around with wheat berries! Love them – a whole grain…so good for you…and so filling!! Yes, they do take a while to make (an hour or so…), but who said the best things are quick? Though this isn’t a quick cook, it is an easy “set it and forget it” (but don’t actually forget it and burn your house down) grain.

I love their chewy texture, and it’s quickly become an obsession.

Another obsession of mine, as of late? Tzatziki sauce. I just love the huge garlic flavor ย of it (or at least the Cedar’s version I get!).

What’s a girl to do?? Combine them of course…along with some extra herbage.

A creamy, garlicy, herby, chewy dream. I originally planned on serving this over spinach leaves…buuuut I got too excited; next time, next time.

This will definitely be a weekday/night staple…especially when you make the wheat berries in advance and then it’s just about assembling!

Plus, it keeps me from eating an entire tub of tzatziki and crackers in one sitting….

I have a problem. hah.

  • What’re your weekday/night go-to meals?

12 thoughts on “Greenery

  1. So I’ve been baking chickpeas in the oven with salsa, nutritional yeast and spices (for about 10ish minutes)…then throwing the mixture into a warmed pita with hummus lately! Perfection. So good!

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