Just Add Water

I love making things “from-scratch”… I love knowing what goes into my meals and that they’re not filled with ingredients that have excessive amounts of x’s or z’s in them….

…but sometimes…sometimes… you just want to make something for the sake of making it, and sometimes, it’s just easier to open up a mix than go out and buy flour, butter, sugar, eggs, etc….

…sometimes it’s just about getting your hands dirty in the kitchen you grew up in, with family surrounding you.

“Sometimes” was this weekend…and the mix was scones – blueberry scones.

I’ve used this Sticky Fingers brand before, and it’s wonderful – plus, you can’t get much easier than “just add water, mix & bake!”

I know, I know – there truly is something amazing that happens when butter and sugar meet, and are whipped together, but … I just wanted scones. haha

Of course, the “process” of making these doesn’t need to be documented – ‘just add water’ is pretty self explanatory. I did, however, add a packed out Truvia to the mix – just to sweeten up the dough a bit. ย The directions give you the option of spooning the scone mixture, by the tablespoon onto a baking sheet or making a 10 inch round and cutting them. Personally, I think they just become sweeter biscuits if they are spooned onto the sheet.

Plus…I’ve already taken the shortcut with the mix, I’ll roll up my sleeves, break out the extra flour and roll out the dough.


The result – 12 generous triangles (well, some of them were less than stellar triangles). I then sprinkled them with some raw sugar.

You know, just for a lil’ sparkle.

The baked up at 375ยฐF for about 18 minutes, and came out perfectly!

They were just slightly brown on top, and smelled heavenly.

They came out super light, fluffy, moist and sweeet! Scones have a tendency to be really dense – but this took on an almost muffin-like texture that I adored! Plus, the blueberries that studded the mixture were delicious and slightly chewy.

I would 150% recommend this mix to anyone looking for a super easy, quick scone. It was a HomeGoods purchase, and I’ll be honest, it’s better than anything I probably could have produced from scratch!

  • What’s your for policy on mixes? Do you use them every now and again? Doctor ’em up? or are you all about from scratch?

13 thoughts on “Just Add Water

  1. I love using mixes, but I always check the ingedient list. If I need to make some easy, fast cookies that don’t have to be healthy in any way, I use a cake mix. ๐Ÿ˜€ You wouldn’t believe me if I told you how many of those we have in the pantry — I have a TON. I personally don’t eat them, but I love making cookies with them! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Those scones look so delicious! Blueberry is my favorite! ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. I love a convenient mix. And you can always buy the kind with a few ingredients. I’m with you, I like to know what I’m eating, but sometimes you just need a quick fix!

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