Travel Prep

Ahh – gotta love those days leading up to a vacation when you’re trying to pack as much as possible before hand…while simultaneously dealing with the fact that most of the stuff you need to pack you still actually need to use!

It’s the little things…like prepping with munchies and coffee …

The last time I used these coffee singles – I accidentally forgot to put water in the cup before putting it into the microwave….we never quite got the burnt coffee smell out of that one…yuck. However, these are super convenient!! Plus, who couldn’t use an emergency stash of high-fiber oatmeal?? 🙂 …Always.Prepared.

I’ve tried to pack toiletries and whatnot. My method? Find an old shoe box and put everything in there. It keeps it compact, secure and will hopefully keep me at least somewhat organized so my makeup isn’t all over my suitcase.

Of course, advice from some fellow bloggies and Ms. Lauren Conrad have been helpful in attempting to keep myself feeling somewhat attractive post plane-ride.

In comes Midol (gotta keep that plane-bloat to a minimum peeps!) and night cream to slather all over myself on the plane to combat the skin-dehydration. My question is…why do planes have to be so dehydrating? You’d think they could do something about that. I went out and bought a new creme because I wanted it to be scent-free. I hate when people use perfume or anything with an intense scent in small, enclosed spaces…do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

I already plan on stretchy pants (jeggings), a loose fitting top, a sweater and boots (so I can justify socks!) for my plane attire. Oh, and water…lots of water before hand – and preferably a potty break…I hate being one of those people who keeps having to get up to go to the bathroom.

  • Any other travel advice out there??

8 thoughts on “Travel Prep

  1. YAY for emergency packed oatmeal!!! I don’t know what I would do without oatmeal! I need to get me some of those so I’ll be prepared. 🙂

    Maybe it’s the altitude that planes get to that make them so dehydrating.

    Have fun!!! 😀

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