West Coast Eats

Ahh – so recovery from vacation is never fun. I’ve always been one to dread the day of getting back to reality – even since I was little.

This week has been especially difficult – adjusting to East Coast Time again with daylight savings on top of that has thrown me for a loop.

However, I think I’m finally back to myself – maybe not completely, in terms of sleep schedule, – but I’m definitely feeling better.

The best way to not let getting back to the grind let ya down? Relive vacation memories! haha

My week in Los Angeles was wonderful – of course I got to spend time with my best friend, who I rarely get to see, and enjoy sunshine and relaxation.

Plus…loads of good eats! I stuffed my face full of wonderful foods – and surprisingly didn’t pack on the pounds (you’ll see why this is surprising…)

We have a tradition of going to Hugo’s Restaurant. A lovely, relaxed eatery with tons of amazing food. You can go healthy (they do juices, eggs, vegan and veggie options) or you can indulge with comfort foods. I chose to go for both this time around with their veggie burger.

This was one of the best veggie burgers I’ve ever had . It was so delicious and so filling…and could have easily been lightened up had I not gotten the fries…but they were delicious, too. No regrets!!

I chose to top mine with cheddar cheese, grilled onions and avocado. Best lunch in a while.

Can I also mentioned how dangerous the free petites were at Starbucks?? I’m obsessed with the salted caramel square. Must. Recreate.

…multiple this petite by like 10…

We of course perused the Grove’s Farmer’s Market – and came out with Pinkberry.

While, yes, a Pinkberry has opened, practically in my backyard, in Boston – I still associate it with LA.

This one was an awesome combination of their limited-time blood orange flavor yogurt (loved), pineapple, kiwi, raspberries and coconut. I need to start doing their to-go pints here in Boston.

St. Patty’s day was spent touring Italy…and then jumping to the Irish festivities.


Who needs soup and salad when you have fonduta and calamari?




Classin' it up.


Of course, there was the obligatory churro at Disneyland. So delish.

Though my choice was fried dough, rolled in sugary goodness… I was impressed with Disney’s healthy options.

Lots of fresh fruit! ..and giant pickles.

The only semblance of fruit I consumed at Disney was in the form of strawberry flavoring for my margarita.

No shame.

Hey, it was vacation! ๐Ÿ™‚


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