Let’s Get Real

Hi loves – I know, I know – it’s been forever! I’ve missed you all, though!

I’ve found myself in a major funk these last two weeks.

I’ve just been down in the dumps – I think the combination of  coming back from a sunny and eventful vacation to a less than sunny East coast (not counting Saturday and Sunday this past weekend! so beautiful!), and I think my lil’ apartment is just starting to get to me.

This post isn’t meant as a pity-party, but more of a  – hey, let’s be real here – it’s not always sunshine and roses.

I think Kailey touched on that subject a week or so ago – often the blogosphere puts off the this idealistic picture that all these people live perfect lives. Where every meal is perfectly balanced, a fridge is constantly stocked with the best, most nutrient-packed ingredients, dinner parties happen frequently and are a breeze to pull off, and that there’s never a day where getting out of bed…just…plain ole sucks. Plus, we all know – deep down, that this just isn’t the case. People don’t showcase every crappy day or a quick, fix frozen meal.

I’m not saying my life sucks – far from it.

I’ve been blessed to be able to live in a city where a good portion of the year there are farmer’s markets to frequent, unique and healthy options in grocery stores, and there are a plethora of choices for nights out on the town.

However, my life isn’t perfect, and I’m not about to pretend that this is the case.

My food choices are not always balanced…I may have had more than my fair share of cupcakes in the last few weeks. Sweet, anyone? Addictive.


Chocolate Caramel: Moist Belgian chocolate cake stuffed with homemade chocolate pudding—topped with Sweet's chocolate buttercream and a melted caramel drizzle.

Maybe it’s the senioritis (we’re into the last 4-weeks of classes!). Maybe it’s the daunting task of finding a “real job.” Maybe it’s the never ending winter … or maybe it’s just how my body is hardwired. I know I’ve mentioned my struggles with anxiety and the like in the past, and though the extreme struggles of my past are but a memory, there are still moments of struggle.

…and weakness…more cupcakes.


Chocolate Coconut: Rich dark chocolate cake topped with coconut-infused buttercream frosting and rolled in fresh coconut shavings.

Regardless, I know that…even though cupcakes are absolutely delicious, they aren’t helping get me out of my funk!

After all, you are what you eat – and there has been a noticeable lack of fresh veggies and fruit in my life lately.

So I’m going back to the basics…and bringing along Joy Bauer…and her food ‘cures’ – especially for mood. Ahh, the joys of food/health/nutrition literature. 🙂


click for source.

I just need a lil’ kick in the butt to get movin’. 🙂

  • If you find yourself in a funk or a rut, what’s your approach to dealing with it?

8 thoughts on “Let’s Get Real

  1. I have been in a funk for a while and am just starting to get out of it (coming back from sunny to cold definitely didn’t help me either). What is helping me is getting out- going to movies, out to eat, spending time with family.

  2. Whenever I’m in a funk, I force myself to relax. Often there’s just too many worries on my mind, and I can’t think clearly because of them. Worrying only ever leads to more worrying, and really, most of the stuff we worry about we have no control over. I force myself to just zone out and enjoy the present for a bit!

  3. dont worry! i was in a funk last week and am still in a bit this week.. i think my injury has really put a downer on me.. just push on through and try not to worry if youre eating the same things or blah blah.. eventually you will feel ready to just get back to normal!

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