Back in the Day Buffet

Waaaaay back in the day (okay, not really that long ago, but it feels it), I worked the counter at Bruegger’s Bagel Bakery in Burlington, Vermont.

Oh yes, glamorous – the beige cap, men’s-sized polo shirts, aprons and multiple self-inflicted (accidental!) wounds from slicing a bagel a little too zealously. *Side-bar* Can I just say it disturbs me a bit that people will question WHY you stopped making their sandwich when you are bleeding?

Regardless, I still eat there every once in a blue moon (last summer, it was pretty often!)…sometimes you can’t deny the cravings for an ‘Herby Turkey’ on a toasted rosemary, olive oil bagel. Healthy? Meh. Delicious. Yes.

Anyway – I am going somewhere with this – I promise.

It was at Bruegger’s that I was introduced to smoked salmon. Sure, I’d seen it – but I’d never handled or eaten it before. Sunday’s were chock full of people coming in for their bagel sandwich of smoked salmon with cream cheese, red onion and capers.

I assembled more than I could possible remember for people eager to walk around on Church Street, and basically loathed smoked salmon…and the lines on Sundays.

Today – thing’s have changed. I love smoked salmon. I love Sundays. …I still don’t like lines though. πŸ™‚

Today – was a flashback to Sunday mornings at Bruegger’s.

A toasted whole wheat pita, topped with garlic cream cheese, a few sliced onions (I’m an onion gal, don’t hate!), smoked salmon and parsley.

Puts a bagel sandwich to shame. πŸ™‚

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