I’m Still Here

… I swear!

Hi lovelies.

A combination of a hectic life, and the fact that I’ve misplaced my camera’s battery charger (wooopsie) has led to a lack of posting in the last week or so…okay, more than the last week or so…but we’re only counting since I lost…err..misplaced my charger.

I swear I’ve made stuff recently. haha

Liiiiike chocolate bread pudding that was outtttta this world good (dare I say, even better a couple days later when nuked in the microwave…)…

…p.s. you guessed right!!

Regardless, the lovely photos sit, trapped in my lil’ point and shoot.

I will be back with them…I just need to turn my apartment upside down looking for the charger first.

I swear it is in there…somewhere.



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