Hello, hello loves.

Oh my, so much has gone on in the world since the last post.

Aside from the obvious, I’m finishing up the semester *yikes* and it’s been craziness!<— this pales in comparison to recent events, obviously

Yesterday, after writing…by hand…for an hour and a half for a media final – my brain was mush. My dinner reflected that, and was soooo not worthy of blogging.

…not that I could have formed full sentences anyway. haha

After a good night’s sleep – I’m all refreshed!

Unfortunately, as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t have control over the heat in my apartment (and I’m assuming this is true for the whole building). Well…I mean, it’s May – and the heat is still coming on in the morning, mid-afternoon AND night even though it is between 65 & 75 degrees depending on the day.

HEAT.WAVE. (in my studio).

Smoothie to the rescue.

A combination of fresh spinach, frozen, pitted cherries, frozen pineapple, Truvia and coconut extract made for an awesome pick-me-up!

Frozen cherries will be a staple in my freezer from now on.

Well worth the brain freeze.

  • What’re your frozen fruit staples?

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