Happy Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo, loves!!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we celebrated every day with margaritas, nachos, tacos, etc??

The world would be a better (more inebriated…) place. haha

Yes, I do realize the actual historical significance of this holiday, but right now…I’m simply really craving Mexican food.

Tacos for breakfast? Anyone? Anyone?

I do have quite a bit on my plate today so celebrating with a margarita or two won’t happen until later this evening…unlike many of my peers who I’m sure started the celebrations last night.


Margaritas annnnd sangria? – I’m looking forward to it! πŸ™‚

….it also happens to be the perfect day for celebrations – and libations – as I’m turning in my last paper … everrrrrrrrr. haha

  • Will you be celebrating Cinco de Mayo?? What’s your favorite way to celebrate?

13 thoughts on “Happy Cinco de Mayo

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  3. I like to celebrate with Mexican food and margaritas or Coronas. I went out with my co-workers for happy hour and then the Boy and I TRIED to go to a restaurant. Didn’t work out, would you believe a 1-2 hour wait everywhere? Wahhh.

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