Few Faves

Hello, hello, loves – my goodness it has been a while.

Apologizes for the disappearing acts – I feel like I open every post with this, but I guess the blog has been on the back burner as of late. Actually, it’s been more like photograph & blog worthy eats have been on the back burner.

I have been relishing the moments of relaxation that have come my way since the end of the semester, and I’ve been enjoying some time away from my own apartment – which, while I love it, the city and my life there, can feel quite stifling at times. Plus, with my apartment on the market (I still don’t know if it’s been rented yet), I have been hesitant to roll up my sleeves and get messy in the kitchen. Half-hour notice of a viewing is not conducive to carefree kitchen fun!

Regardless, I’ve been having some baking fun in the kitchen, as of late, and while much of that can’t be posted yet – for a variety of reasons – I’ve missed the blogosphere!

Lately, I’ve been munching on some new (some old) things which have quickly become go-to faves.

Perfectly imperfect pears.

Plenty of smoothies.

New favorite snack.

Sauce obession.

Sauce obsesh leads to the best triscuit pizzas ever

At least 70% dark chocolate.

  • What’ve your faves been lately??

A preview of what’s to come??

Pretty sprinkles!


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