Red Velvet is for Bests & Birthdays

May is full of birthdays. Many, many of the most important people in my life have birthdays in May – many of them are close (in proximity) to me, but my best friend lives alllll the way across the country.

Naturally, my inner-baker wanted to make her something special for her birthday. Something edible – not Popsicle bird houses or anything.

Cookies – don’t really say BIRTHDAY, and cakes…well, that’s not exactly the easiest thing to ship across the country.

Best solution.

Cake balls (truffles?)!

Regardless, they were red velvet (I’ll never forget my first taste of red velvet in Sea Island, Georgia – nommm)ย  and they came out fantastic.

Crumbled red velvet cake, combined with cream cheese frosting, divided into tablespoon sized balls, dipped in dark chocolate and decorated with festive sprinkles… I’ll let the pictures do the talking. ๐Ÿ™‚

The drip is kind of evil looking. haha

The best part.

Had to lick the beaters, right?

Just a test slice ๐Ÿ™‚

Picture perfect.



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