Pineapple Express

Hello, loves!!

It’s another gray day here in New England – the sun did poke out for a bit yesterday afternoon, which was exciting! haha

I’m currently at my mom’s (it’s her birthday!!) getting some appointments and errands out of the way before graduation, this coming weekend, and heading back into the city.

It’s been nice having some girl-time with her, and, I’ll be honest, having someone in the house to chat, too (living solo isn’t always exciting for someone who is as chatty as me). Plus, it’s awesome to have a partner-in-crime in the kitchen.

Now, this recipe alllll started with Bobby Flay. No, it’s not one of his recipes, but it is thanks to his Throw Down show (which I have a love hate relationship with). I like the show, but I hate when he wins…just because I love seeing the local, small-town, “this is the only thing I do” people win it all.

I’m rambling…

Anyway, they did a show on pineapple upside-down cake – the ladies just happened to be from Cambridge (woo, Boston! – and it was an old episode, for the record). It got us both craving the cake, and it just so happened that my mom had recently brought out her old school recipe for pineapple stuffing.

We sprang into action.

Now, this “stuffing” is kind of more like a short version of bread pudding – which I am A-Okay with.

You combine 1/4 lb of butter or buttery spread, 3/4c of sugar (you might want to play around with this ratio depending on how sweet you’d want it), 4 beaten eggs, a 1lb can of crushed pineapple (preferably no sugar added, imo), 10-12 slices of bread – cubed-. We actually halved the recipe, and we added some dried cranberries.

Combine, add to a greased casserole dish, cover and bake at 350 for about 45 minutes (25ish for the halved version that we did) and then uncover for approximately 10-15 more, depending on how browned you’d like it.

You get a delicious treat for not too much effort.

I think in the future, I’d try to lighten it up with a bit less butter and sugar – it can be pretty sweet.

However, this totally hit the “pineapple upside-down cake” spot….and, not gonna lie, it made one heck of a breakfast the next morning.

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