Super Saver

Evening, boos! Hope you’re all doing well! Unfortunately, I’m a little under the weather suddenly (I always seem to get sick the moment the stresses are gone – like my body is like “Okay, germs – your turn!!”) – but hopefully with the help of some meds, I’ll be back to normal in no time!!I have faith that with rest, I’ll be good to go in no time.

My main food groups have been Popsicles, popcorn and Canada Dry ginger ale. Doesn’t make for the most enticing foodie photos! 🙂

In the meantime, TLC must have sensed the fact that moving from my couch is not really an option – and has been playing marathons of their show Extreme Couponing like nobody’s bizzznazz!

I must say – it is a truly intriguing show. The concept of saving that much money is mind-boggling. I do realize, that realistically, these women (and I think one man)  make coupon-ing a full-time job (and, according to the online coupon community, a couple may be committing coupon fraud in some cases). Their shopping trips of thousands of dollars worth of soda and sports drinks are rather ridiculous, but it’s definitely given me food for thought.


One thing that I’ve come to realize – is that coupons are VERY rarely available for healthy choices. Almost everything I’ve seen thrown into those carts is sugar or artificial sweetener-laden, filled with sodium, fried or processed. Now, I don’t eat whole foods all the time, and I enjoy many things that are less than great for me, but it got me thinking that maybe we might be better off in terms of health in this country if healthy options had as many opportunities for savings as frozen fried chicken and ice cream?

Regardless, as a partially employed (I’m writing blog content and doing some PR stuff for a local salon! weee for using my degree and blogging skills!), saving money is super appealing to me.


Okay, okay – so I wont’ be taking the plunge into dumpsters or purchasing any coupon binders anytime soon, it has prompted me to think about the brands that I consistently buy – brands of vitamins, frozen veggies or fruit, rice, pasta, other grains, oats, cheese, PB, coffee, milk, juice, etc. and doing a little research into their manufacturers’ coupons. Hey, it can’t hurt, right??

  • What are your thoughts on all things coupons?? Do you do any couponing?

I’ve used coupons if I’d had them sent to me in the past, but I’ve never really thought about using them consistently.

Now – if you catch me jumping into dumpsters anytime soon…please. Stage an intervention.


8 thoughts on “Super Saver

  1. I honestly don’t do as much coupling as I should but then again, whenevr I see a coupon that I consider using, it always says I have to purchase at least two of whatev item it is, if not more. Andto point, I tend to purchase the more healthy food brands, which I rarely see coupons for.

    • Yeah – agreed. I would use a coupon if I got it from Foodbuzz or just happened to find it, but other than that – it’s few and far between. I’ve come to realize that I need to really think about the brands that I purchase and look for coupons for those brands – be proactive about it. I’m hoping that maybe there are coupons out there for the healthy/organic goods and that they are just underutilized bc people don’t know they are out there!!

  2. That show has definitely inspired me to coupon more, in the past three weeks I’ve saved a couple hundred dollars on health and beauty items (many freebies!) and here’s a good tip, Whole Foods lets you stack store coupons with manufacturing coupons. This has enabled me to get like 5 cartons of coconut milk, fun!

  3. I am loving that show!

    I know a lot of it is engineered by the producers, but it’s definitely motivated me to at least buy the paper on sundays. There are very few coupons for heatlhy choices, I agree with you, but there are a lot of coupons for household items that I use, like toothpaste and laundry detergent, so anything I can save is still good!

    • Agreed – the other night one was on and they lady was like “This is my largest trip that I’ve EVER done.” and I was just like – Ahh so basically the producers want you to try and spend at least like 800 bucks and save it for the shock value. Regardless, it’s crazy! and so true – things like deodorant, toothpaste, mouthwash and moisturizer always add up!

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