Mother Nature

Last night was seriously scary. If there is ONE thing that Mother Nature conjures up that I am absolutely terrified of – it’s tornadoes – and last night both Massachusetts and New Hampshire were under tornado watches and warnings. My brother *still* makes fun of my for FLIPPING out in maybe 7th or 8th grade, when we had a tornado watch and ALL of the trees in out backyard just all of a sudden were flattened. That’s a memory.


Pink is not good.

So as I posted yesterday  morning – we had some pretty incredible weather. Tornadoes touched down in both NH and MA, but the biggest damage was done in MA.

Seriously – if you haven’t seen it – watch it. That’s in Springfield, MA – one of the largest cities in the state.

Basically – this is me venting.

Sorry no food. Luckily, the really bad weather didn’t make its way to the Eastern coast…but man, scary stuff. 

  • Did this weather impact any of you guys?!?! 

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