Salty ‘n Sweet

As you guys know – I’m salt fiend. Give me pretzels dipped in chocolate or salted caramels over something just plain ole sweet any day of the week. I mean…if I could eat them with no consequences, Pretzel M&Ms and Trader Joe’s Fleur de Sel Caramel Sauce would be staples of my diet…

Okay, sometimes they are – regardless of consequences :).

Erin, from ZonePerfect, got in touch with me a little while and asked if I’d want to try their new Sweet & Salty nutrition bars.… obviously, my answer: Yes, please!!

I was kind of excited to see what would come my way because ZonePerfect has always sent such creative press kits in the past (remember the non-cookie cookie jars??).

Loved this one!

It included product info, the bars, flash drive and cute word magnets! These will be fun!!

The highlights:

Product Facts and Highlights  
ZonePerfect Sweet & Salty Bars:

  •  Are an excellent source of protein (10 grams)
  •  Are a good source of 19 vitamins and minerals
  •  Are rich in antioxidants (Vitamins C & E, and
  • Selenium)
  •  Contain 200 calories per serving
  •  Have a balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat for consumers that are looking for a great-tasting healthy snack alternative

I tried the Trail Mix bar first – mostly because I knew it wouldn’t be my absolute fave. I’m just usually not a “trail mix” bar girl. For me this one was a little more salty – perhaps, maybe because there wasn’t as much sweetness to it. It did have great crunch though – which I loved. It’s great for a snack and curbing cravings.

My favorite of the two was definitely the Cashew Pretzel. The cashew flavor was reminiscent of another bar or flavor – but I can’t pin what it was…probably just the nutty factor. I really enjoyed the salt factor of this one – it wasn’t as up front as the trail mix bar, but kind of just lingered at the end. I feel like that sounds strange in the description of the bar but I enjoyed it. My only wish is that it had more of a crunch factor – but that’s bascially because I’m pretzel and crunch obsesssssed. haha

While yes, the ingredient list is long, I’d definitely purchase if I was having a sweet and salty craving – especially the cashew pretzel. It’s a lower calorie and more nutrition-filled way to help me ignore the sweet and salty sweet nothings beckoning me to the candy aisle… 🙂

If you’re interested in these bars – you should definitely check out ZonePerfect’s Facebook page – they’re giving away a free Sweet & Salty bar. You just have to like the page and click on the “Free Bar” link!!


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