Repeat Repeat

Hi boos! I’ve missed you guys. Lately – my eats have been fairly repetitive and simple as I really went off the wagon there for a little and was just feeling like crap. I wasn’t exercising nearly enough and there was way too much crapola in  my life.

While my meals have not been exactly exciting, I still have been having fun with food – and new obsessions have quickly crept into my life:

Popsicles. Obsessed. Who says you have to be 10 to enjoy these babies. Plus, the Goji White Grape flavor of the Edy’s Fruit Bars is amaaazing.

Jenna‘s baked beans have been a made at least three times. haha

Various chocolates – necessity. Ghiradelli’s Toffee Interlude is a new fave.

Plus – cold – but spicy – condiments have been on the menu.

I can just eat these pepper rings on they’re own. Crunchy, spicy, cold and salty = winnnn.

  • What foods or condiments have you added to your summer eating??
  • And what’s goin’ on in your world? It’s been forrrever.

10 thoughts on “Repeat Repeat

  1. Popsicles are so perfect in the summer time! I am absolutely obsessed with banana pepper rings, I need to try the hot ones.

  2. Oh my gosh I’m so obsessed with Popsicles right now too! They’re just the best after-dinner-sweet-craving tamer! My freezer is literally stuffed to the brim (half of which are popsicles. haha)

  3. I hear you lady, I’ve been eating poorly and exercising nada. My poor body 😦 I’m starting fresh tomorrow though, at least that’s what I thiiiiink. Anyhow, I adore popsicles, especially those all fruit versions. Will have to pick some up!

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