The First Step


My name is Jil – and I am a cookbook addict.

(Not my actual collection) click.for.source.

They say that the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem – and I, my friends, may just have a problem.

Though the nature of my cookbook addiction is not what one might deem as “serious” or “life-threatening”… it does cause problems for my bank account.

I’ll be the first to admit, that lately my food has been very uninspired or repetitive – hence my lack of posting (pretty sure my last post started this way, too). My days have been pretty run of the mill as of late, and I don’t think that boring you with my “gym, errands, lunch, work, dinner, sleep” routine makes for inspired posts or enthusiastic blog readers. Basically, I love you guys – but my life has been boring as hell lately…and I’m not gonna pass my boredom onto you. 🙂

Now…okay, back to my problem. The repetitive nature that is my life has led to an uninspired cook…in come the cookbooks. Now, I am definitely not lacking in the cookbook department, I’ve got baking, clean food, Parisian food, organic food, simple food, Julia, Ina, vegetarian, vegan, weight-loss, and gimmicky themed cookbooks up the wazzzuu (spelling?) – but they are all in storage. Uninspiring.

Plus, it’s not like I necessarily need them…I can be pretty self-sufficient in the recipe department…but there is just something about turning the pages of a good cookbook…oh, and the pictures. Yep. Cookbooks will not be ending up on my Nook anytime soon.

Last night, I cozied up to Amazon (yes, this was my Saturday night, be jeeeealous) and scoured over pages and pages of mouthwatering eats.

  • Yes, I want to make those prosciutto-wrapped dates stuffed with goat cheese.
  • Yes, I want to make that Vietnamese prawn dish.
  • Yes, I want to make those sweet potato empanadas.

So in one-fell-swoop I’d fulfilled my cookbook addiction and my lil’ pop culture/celeb one, too.

Which books ended up making a dent in my bank account (they were ALL at least 40% off though which I am thankful for)??

1. Giada De Laurentiis – Giada at Home – Family Recipes from Italy and California 


Why? I’ll be the first to admit – sometimes Giada can annoy me. Especially with the random over annunciation of *just* the Italian words. However, I admire her for the fact that this is a woman who 1. Loves food 2. Loves taking care of herself (umm, teeny tiny woman!) 3. Demonstrates balance without “diety” fads.  She shows that being thin or fit doesn’t mean eating unhealthfully (aka nixing important fats and carbohydrates for the sake of a smaller pant-size) or getting rid of everything you love. I’m sure that she works out like crazy, but she shows that you don’t have to get rid of stuff. You love pasta, chocolate and prosciutto (I know I do)? You can have ’em just don’t over do it.

2. Gwyneth Palthrow – My Father’s Daughter 


Why? Okay, so Gwyn has definitely gotten some flack for her GOOP stuff…the cleanses and all that jazz. However, flipping through the pages of this cookbook the recipes (whether she actually eats them or not) look crazy good. I admire her writing, and I love the little stories that go with these recipes. She’s a lover of the organics (though, I can’t afford a lot of the things she buys organic) and of clean ingredients. I dig. Plus, Mario Batali had a hand in this cookbook – so it has to be good.

3. Eva Longoria – Eva’s Kitchen


Why? Okay – so my love affair with the celeb cookbook continues. This cookbook got some great reviews from actual chefs, and just from your average Joe, too. I don’t have *any* cookbooks with great Mexican (or TexMex, I guess, too) recipes in them, and while maybe these aren’t *the* most authentic – I can’t be the person to vouch for that one – it’s at least not the “Mexican” food from TGIMcMexico’s.

So in the end, I love my addiction to cookbooks. As long as I am not found in a hoard of them, stacked to my ceilings … I think I’m okay.

  • What are your fave cookbooks? What makes you buy a cookbook?

For me, amazing pictures will always suck me in….the same can be said for blogs I read.






12 thoughts on “The First Step

  1. I want to get Eva’s…i love her! I actually find most of my recipes off the internet for free but I do have Eat Drink and Be Vegan and everything has been so so good!

  2. Oh my gosh! Look at that collection! Is it bad that I, personally, don’t own any cookbooks except for the ‘Hungry Girl’ books my sister bought me? And I don’t really use them… ughh….

    • I know that one’s huuuuge – though dare I say, mine might not be that much smaller. haha I have Hungry Girl too. I’ve found that I do like her ideas…but they’re pretty common sense swaps so I don’t really use it.

    • The pictures are seriously mouthwatering…and from the snippets I’ve read, the stories about her dad and her family are precious. need to get Eat, Drink & be Vegan – I’ve heard so many good things!

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  4. I’m the same way with cookbooks. Does your library have a book drive? Mine does and I go every year. It’s a huge room filled with books. I can get tons of cookbooks for about 50 cents each.

    There was a book sale in the town next to me and the last day for the last 3 hours, every book you could take was $5.00 total! Score! I got 10 new cookbooks!

    • Yes they do! I’ve gone in the past and should go again…you find some gems in there! I actually bought one that I flipped through and a handwritten old recipe for zucchini bread fell out. Loveee!

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