Okay, so sometimes it can appear as if some who write these blogs come across as “perfection.” Seemingly every meal is perfect, every crisis (or lack thereof) is handled with ease, there is no self-doubt or insecurity etc., etc.

Obviously, that’s not the way things are…but sometimes appearances are deceiving.

I don’t think that I necessarily am that way as a blogger (um, hi – indulgence is a fixture here – though it used to not be as frequent), but that doesn’t mean that maybe someone out there thinks that way about me. However, it made me kind of want to do an “honesty” post…those random little obscure facts that don’t come out in everyday convo/blog posts.

My life is not always healthy, it’s not always about moderation: those are the goals – but that’s the truth.

  1. If I can avoid a workout I will… preferably in favor of sleep. It’s not that I don’t enjoy a workout, but it’s the “getting there” that’s hard for me.
  2. I do like veggies and whole grains…and all that good stuff, but I like chocolate, carbohydrates and sugar more.
  3. There have been times when I’ve hesitated or not posted anything because of “fear” of judgement – this was especially true within my first year of blogging.
  4. I know aspartame isn’t good…but I do love me some diet soda.
  5. Sometimes, I like taking pictures of the food I’m making more than actually sitting down and blogging about it.
  6. There are days when a vegetable just doesn’t make its way into my system.
  7. There is always chocolate on hand.
  8. I eat emotionally. Yep, when things suck…bring on the frozen pizza and sweets.
  9. I eat frozen pizza and sweets just because I like them, too. haha
  10. I really like a good cheeseburger…and french fries.
  11. Sometimes things just suck; I try to abide by the “fake it til you make it” mentality, but it can be tiring.
  12. I rarely think extensively about my wardrobe. My summer “uniform” is jean shorts and a soft cotton-t.
  13. There’s a lot going on in my life that I just keep to myself.
  14. My height (5’10”) can bring about insecurities in terms of my weight. Sometimes a couple of pounds can feel like they make me look like a linebacker, when it wouldn’t make much of a difference for someone with a more petite frame. Realistic? Nahttt necessarily, but it’s there every now and then.
  15. Sometimes breakfast for me is just coffee.
That’s (the) good (and honest truth)  for now. haha 🙂
  • What’re your thoughts on honesty or reality in the blogosphere? 

9 thoughts on “Honesty.

  1. Fakeness is ABUNDANT in the blog world (seems the bigger you are, the more fake you are). I try to be completely 100% honest and real on my blog (though I have to refrain from certain personal topics).

    I love this post 🙂 It’s nice to know that I’m not alone in loving diet soda even though the chemicals in it will probably give me cancer!

    • Yeah – I completely understand being careful about the information you share, and obviously being forthcoming with EVERYTHING isn’t realistic – but it’s nice to see that you know what…sometimes your day just sucks and your plate isn’t always a perfect balance of nutrients. and I know – it’s soo bad, but so good!

  2. Love this post… I think as a blogger, honesty has to be a main criteria. I feel as though girls our age already have a ‘strive to be perfect’ mentality. Point is, we’re not perfect. The average woman doesn’t have a chef at home or a personal trainer or a publicist. Things in life sometimes get in the way of healthy eating, which is okay, but I think we’re here to show that this type of living is alright and that getting on track is do-able 🙂

  3. I think it’s skewed on a lot of blogs, that’s why I only read blogs of people who I perceive as honest, like you 🙂 Perfection is not only annoying, but it’s wholly unrealistic!

  4. I can relate to almost all of your “Fears” too, especially the getting to the gym, fake it to make it, and chocolate is almost always consumed before a vegetable. I think everyone keeps a large portion of their life out of what they blog and most of the time they only post their perfections and ignore any mishaps that occur in the kitchen.

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