Ohhh my goodness. How did over a month get away from me here on BCLK? It truly seems like just yesterday I was sitting down prior to my beach vacation. The first week of July seems forever ago.

Regardless, I’mmmm back. Not sure if y’all are still here? I hope so…even if you’re not…I’m gonna keep talking. Normal.

Truthfully, I know that this month or so has gotten away from me due to a number of circumstances that have/had made my life quite, quite busy.

In mid-July, I started a consulting Marketing/PR position at a local bakery that was awesome (freeeee cold-brewed iced coffee, k thanks). I quickly found that after spending the day surrounded by deliciousness/hectic kitchen life and in front of the computer screen…cooking was not on my agenda and blogging wasn’t either. Even Twitter and Facebook went to the way-side. *shock*

I was able to spend July with a never-ending flow of visiting relatives for which I am forever grateful.

Unfortunately, I lost my dear cousin to melanoma on August 15th. I had written a post about him and the Go To Hell Mel organization sometime last year. The time I was able to spend with him at the beach this summer is something I will forever cherish.

Our 16 year age-difference which is so evident in the photos of my childhood is nothing but of a distant memory now.

My family and I traveled down to North Carolina to celebrate him just a week ago…which was a mix of sadness, tears, lots of hugs, laughter, fond memories…and Makers Mark. 🙂

I came away from NC with a renewed appreciation for my family, my amazing cousins, and for how Ted lived his life. I also came away having agreed to run a half marathon in 15 months. haha ..neeeeeeed to get on that.

In comes Couch to 5k.

click for source

While a half marathon is nothing to laugh at, I am determined to make myself, at the very least, a runner. For Ted. For myself.

Where is the food coming into this one? Briefly…with Irene storming towards us (though apparently weakening slightly)… I decided it was the perfect time to make some shelf-stable baked goods to “tide-us-over”…aka I just needed an excuse to break out the mixer.

On the menu? Corn bread.  

It’s nothing fancy. In fact, it’s a doctored up mix – with my own addition of (canned & frozen) corn which keeps it super moist and sweet. – This is literally the only appropriate place for canned corn in my life. haha

However, one thing I have realized is how much this blog is an important part of me – and how much you guys are a part of my life, too.

So much love to you all (whether you are still reading or not).

Welcome to my life. Renewed.


2 thoughts on “Renewed

  1. So sorry to hear about your cousin! How nice to be able to spend time with him during his last days. I am glad you are feeling refreshed and renewed.. we all need some down time every now and then. Welcome back!

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