The Kitchen is Your Playground

Amen, Nando’s, Amen.

So bascically, this all started in the “ethnic aisle” of my local grocery store.

A jar of Nando’s Peri-Peri Curry Coconut sauce was calling to me.

Israeli Couscous was calling, as well.

They just had to be together.

Sooo tonight, in probably the simplest little curry pasta salad ever – I combined a couple of tablespoons of curry sauce, with 1/3 cup of cooked Israeli couscous, some sauteed zucchini and onion, corn off the cob, and some raw cherry tomatoes and red pepper.

Spicy, super-filling, crunchy, sweet…so much going on, and – yummy (great descriptor…)! I give props to Nando’s for actually having this curry deliver a kick. That’s hard to find.

It totally hit the spot after day numero dos of running. I was seriously affected by the humidity today – darn lungs. Week 1 – Day 2: Complete!

  • Are you a runner/jogger/walker/outdoor-exerciser? Does humidity and air quality take its toll on you? Any advice to combat it?


2 thoughts on “The Kitchen is Your Playground

  1. I love that quote at the top ๐Ÿ™‚ Your couscous combination also looks fantastic – I’d love that for dinner any night, running or not!

    On the topic of running, humidity definitely affects me. I puff up, for on! My hands end up looking quite puffy post-running in summer and I do struggle with time / distance. I try to get out early, drink even more water than usual, and have cold showers afterwards.

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