It’s a Date {Deux}

I’m fairly certain I’ve used that title before…but whatever, it fits. haha

So, as of late – my pre-run fuel as been a couple of dates with some sunflower butter. Lots of energy from the sugars and fats – and it doesn’t leave my tummy grumbling with the “pre-breakfast…why are you running, I’m empty…blues.”

That’s been nice and all, but I kind of wanted to spice things up a bit…make it a bit more exciting…so what jumps back into my brain but the ah-may-zing Raw Chocolate Cake that I stole from Gabriela earlier this year.

I basically stuck to that recipe with only a couple of minor changes…

  1. I only had 16 dates – you’d never know that four wholeย dates were missing. ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. I used dark chocolate cocoa powder this time around – major win.
  3. I did not add the extra melted chocolate.
  4. I added a tablespoon of raspberry jam just to see what would happen (not much)
  5. I used honey instead of agave because I wasn’t sure how “good” the agave I had was… I will say it was challenging to combine the honey and coconut oil…two very different viscosities.
Okay, so maybe there were more than “a couple”..
It all worked out well in the end though.

Ooey. Gooey. Darrrk Chocolatey (and maybe a little raspberry-y – though I think this is just in my mind because I know it’s in there). Coconut-laced goodness.

My favorite part? Probably the “frosting” – for the hard time that the honey and the coconut oil gave me – I love it. It is just sooo thick and gooey…really like a true ganache.

I mean…seriously now.

Basically, if this doesn’t put a pep in my step in the mornings – I don’t know what will. ๐Ÿ™‚

Tonight I’m off to have dinner and drinks at Teatro in Boston with a fantastic friend of mine – very ready to indulge in some calamari, some delicious beverages (margs and sangria are callllling to me), to explore their summer menu and catch up before she gets back in the swing of things for school.



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