I only have a few things for today:

1. I completed my first week of training!! Wheeeeeee. Yesterday was pretty much the perfect running day – bringing back memories of running in the fall for cross country. Though I had technical issues …stupid Pandora kept only playing the first 15 seconds of songs… so while I didn’t have any music – my anger/frustration/adrenaline towards that failure kept my mind going…and in the process kept me going and occupied. Before I knew it the 30 minutes was up!

2. If you ever go to Teatro in Boston…get the Hot Tub martini. Seriously. Just do it.

3. There is always a place for calamari in my heart (and stomach) – especially when it includes spicy fried peppers. ❤

4. Always eat your vegetables dessert.

  • I’m heading off to see The Help tonight – has anyone seen it? 


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