No, no,no – this recipe isn’t about handbags…or sunglasses…watches… or anything purchased from a sketchy vendor.

However, this is alllll about knocking off products that you love.

Lately, I’ve been alllll about Nature Valley’s Dark Chocolate Granola Thins.

Like…seriously obsessed.

Some have had issues with the chocolate melting….and unfortunate staining of clothes and papers…or getting all over keyboards, etc. I definitely experienced that my first go-around with this beauties…but a new home in the fridge keeps them perrrfect. Oh – and they come in peanut butter, too – haven’t tried those yet….



My biggest problem? Not enough in a box. πŸ™‚

Sooo – I took to attempting my own variety.

I’ll be very honest – these don’t taste like NV Granola Thins…but they do taste good. That’s all that matters. Plus, they calm my salty, sweet and crunchy cravings allll in one lil’ bite.

I started with a (low cal) granola recipe – I halved the recipe – but kept the 2 tablespoons of maple syrup or honey and omitted the cherries. I think next time around I’ve up the honey – just for the sticky-factor. Oh! almost forgot – I added 4 squares of honey graham crackers – crushed.

Once it is all mixed – I pressed it firmly into a lined pan and baked the granola at 275 for about 40 minutes….just kept an eye on it.

Once toasty – smother in dark chocolate and sprinkle with sea salt.Β 

Stick that beauty into the fridge to firm up – and then…uhh, attempt to cut.

Okay…this part was messy. I would classify these as…shards…of granola thins.

….like snowflakes…they each took on their own unique shape.

However – each is beautiful…and oh-so-delicious… in its own, special way. haha

Oh, and I walked away with a tupperware container full of these little beauties – as well as a bag of honey-vanilla granola (once I successfully collected the granola shrapnel from my counters).

Two for one – score!

Nature Valley Granola Thins – don’t worry – even with this snack, I’ll still being picking up a box the next time I’m in the store…I’m sure of it.


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