High Turnover

Ahh – turnovers.

They are one dessert that really brings back memories of my grandmother and summers at the beach.

She would always show up to every family gathering with a huuge box, filled with delicious raspberry turnovers.

I remember peeking at them before dinner just to see how many she’d brought…to see how quickly I’d have to act to secure one for myself. …seriously, you had to have a gameplan..those things would be gone in seconds!

The other day I was suddenly hit with the desire to make some of those beauties…perhaps as a way to cling on to the last days of summer…or maybe to celebrate the fact that I can heat my oven to 400 degrees without fear of turning my house into a sauna.

Either way, I decided to make some apple-raspberry turnovers – a perfect combo of berries (in jam form) and tart apples. Mmm, mmm good.

All you need? A granny smith apple – diced, 2 Tbsp of raspberry jam, a little bit of lemon zest (my addition, optional)…and voila you have a pretty stellar turnover filling. I forgot to add the cornstarch…the filling was fine without it. Tuck the filling into 6 squares of rolled out puff pastry and you’ll be in heaven.

Seriously…so good.

400 degrees and twenty minutes later…


They’re light, fluffy, buttery, crispy, sweet and tart simultaneously.

Breakfast tomorrow?



2 thoughts on “High Turnover

  1. Ooh, those look amazing. I swear, puff pastry makes everything 10x more amazing. I have some fruit hanging out in the fridge (but no puff pastry), I may have to make a ghettofied version of this!

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