Brunch on the Towne

My goodness, it has been a packed couple of months. So much has been going on! Travel for work, travel…travel…and more travel.

Anyway, so let’s talk brunch. It is one of my favorite things. Ever. I mean, where can you combine all the carby goodness of the most important meal of the day with a solid cocktail?! I’m not really a “breakfast” person, per say, but I LOVE breakfast foods. Just not in the 6-9am timeslot.

Not that long ago, I was able to attend a brunch at Towne Stove and Spirits in Back Bay with a bunch of other awesome people (bloggers, Yelpers, and all around great people) courtesy of Boston Brunchers, and I have to tell you I was super impressed. I’d only been to Towne for drinks before (they do those well, too), and I hadn’t ever set foot beyond the bar. I’d never set foot in the restaurant section, let alone know they have an absolutely stunning upstairs!!


Our group got there at 11, and was seated at a huge round table (perfect for getting to know each other and scoping out what other people put on their plates!). Minus another couple, we were the only ones there (the brunch starts at 11 so we beat the crowds) so we all rushed to get some pictures in of the untouched buffets….yes, plural. They have EVERYTHING. There were carving stations, hot stations with HUGE cast iron skillets full of eggs benedict, potatoes, salmon…yum!!…an omelet station, a raw bar (yes, I helped myself to plenty of oysters), a dessert bar (we’ll come back to that), fruit selections, and – saving the best for last – a HUGE cheese bar.









Towne was kind enough to pour us all a little prosecco and we sat down, plates full, to sip and stuff ourselves with tons of amazingness (I never said I’d be breaking out the SAT vocab here…). My first round was mostly raw and cheese bar items. Humboldt Fog and Brie spread with honeycomb… to my face.  Maybe cheese and oysters don’t seem like a natural pairing, but pshhh. Whatever. It was delicious. Round two included a waffle, eggs benedict and various other carbohydrates. Priorities.




We all ended on the dessert bar. Ate a little bit of everything. However, the consensus was the the chocolate chip bread pudding won brunch. And rightly so. It was delicious…warm, buttery, gooey and just seriously sinful. Oy. I think I gained 5lbs just thinking about it.


So yes, it was really delicious – however, the buffet, at $38 per guest ($14 for kids under 12) is not necessarily realistic for everyone. It was a fantastic treat (would be great for special occasions!), and if you’re considering it, I’d absolutely recommend it. I definitely ate $38 worth of food…probably in oysters and cheese alone. haha

Disclaimer: I received brunch free of charge as part of the Boston Brunchers, with the exception of gratuity. As always, all opinions are my own.


No stress swimwear: Cerulean Blu

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend another event through Boston Blog and Tweet at swimwear boutique, Cerulean Blu – just off of Newbury Street in Boston’s Back Bay.


 Side-bar: “Cerulean” alllways makes me think of The Devil Wears Prada

 It was a great night of some wine, food from B.Good, positivity, and how to make swimwear shopping a little less intimidating. A group of us met in the cute boutique, located on Hereford – just steps Newbury. The store is a bright, cheerful space with a lot of choices, but it’s not overwhelming. Within seconds, I spotted a dress/cover up that I wanted (and still have to go back for!!).

We mixed and mingled, checking out the gorgeous suits made for all shapes and sizes. Rachel from Healthy Chicks gave a great talk about body image, positivity, and embracing the now – not waiting for the “when I [lose the weight, get the job, etc, etc]…THEN I can [whatever the end goal]. She had us do a great exercise where we each had a notecard with our name on it, and passed it around, and everyone –we’d all just met – wrote anonymous, nice things they noticed about the person on the card. It was a really cool exercise to see how people look at you – which is often so different from how we nit-pick ourselves!!

After that we chatted with Desiree, owner of the boutique (with locations here in Boston and in St. Petersburg, FL), and how she opened the store because she “was tired of the way that typical swimwear shopping had the power to make women feel less confident, exposed and uncomfortable.”

 I mean, c’mon – I don’t care how great of shape you’re in…standing in a dressing room, trying on suits under fluorescent lights….rarely a confidence booster. Their store really has silhouettes for all body types – Desiree heads down to Mercedes Benz Fashion week every year and handpicks designs for her store. This is a place that pairs awesome customer service with a really comfortable, no-pressure atmosphere. Win/Win!!


 Blush Airbrush Tanning was also there, and gave a great demo of their portable tanning services. I’ve always been curious about air brush ((and slightly, scared…think orange Lindsay Lohan circa 2004)), but having a history of melanoma in my family, the idea of being bronzed but not damaging your self or health is super appealing. I was super impressed by their ability to customize for skin tones, and how natural the airbrush tan looked. Definitely something to consider! And the ladies were super nice.

 If you’re in Back Bay and in need of a swimwear, cover ups, cute flowy dresses, hats, bags, sandals – pop into Cerulean Blu. I know I’ll be back, and thanks to Boston Blog and Tweet and Cerulean Blu for having us!