Brunch on the Towne

My goodness, it has been a packed couple of months. So much has been going on! Travel for work, travel…travel…and more travel.

Anyway, so let’s talk brunch. It is one of my favorite things. Ever. I mean, where can you combine all the carby goodness of the most important meal of the day with a solid cocktail?! I’m not really a “breakfast” person, per say, but I LOVE breakfast foods. Just not in the 6-9am timeslot.

Not that long ago, I was able to attend a brunch at Towne Stove and Spirits in Back Bay with a bunch of other awesome people (bloggers, Yelpers, and all around great people) courtesy of Boston Brunchers, and I have to tell you I was super impressed. I’d only been to Towne for drinks before (they do those well, too), and I hadn’t ever set foot beyond the bar. I’d never set foot in the restaurant section, let alone know they have an absolutely stunning upstairs!!


Our group got there at 11, and was seated at a huge round table (perfect for getting to know each other and scoping out what other people put on their plates!). Minus another couple, we were the only ones there (the brunch starts at 11 so we beat the crowds) so we all rushed to get some pictures in of the untouched buffets….yes, plural. They have EVERYTHING. There were carving stations, hot stations with HUGE cast iron skillets full of eggs benedict, potatoes, salmon…yum!!…an omelet station, a raw bar (yes, I helped myself to plenty of oysters), a dessert bar (we’ll come back to that), fruit selections, and – saving the best for last – a HUGE cheese bar.









Towne was kind enough to pour us all a little prosecco and we sat down, plates full, to sip and stuff ourselves with tons of amazingness (I never said I’d be breaking out the SAT vocab here…). My first round was mostly raw and cheese bar items. Humboldt Fog and Brie spread with honeycomb… to my face.  Maybe cheese and oysters don’t seem like a natural pairing, but pshhh. Whatever. It was delicious. Round two included a waffle, eggs benedict and various other carbohydrates. Priorities.




We all ended on the dessert bar. Ate a little bit of everything. However, the consensus was the the chocolate chip bread pudding won brunch. And rightly so. It was delicious…warm, buttery, gooey and just seriously sinful. Oy. I think I gained 5lbs just thinking about it.


So yes, it was really delicious – however, the buffet, at $38 per guest ($14 for kids under 12) is not necessarily realistic for everyone. It was a fantastic treat (would be great for special occasions!), and if you’re considering it, I’d absolutely recommend it. I definitely ate $38 worth of food…probably in oysters and cheese alone. haha

Disclaimer: I received brunch free of charge as part of the Boston Brunchers, with the exception of gratuity. As always, all opinions are my own.


Fall is in the Air

Ahh – fall is in the air. Woke up to a verrrry chilly house and an even chillier breeze outside.

Nevertheless, it was a beautiful, crisp day. I truly love Fall in New England.

To fully appreciate the crisp morning…I broke out pumpkin in the best way I knew how….


Specifically – Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Oats.

Oats – I’ve missed you!

  • What’re your Fall faves?? I love pumpkin oatmeal (though not too much pumpkin..) and pumpkin coffee. Oh…and apple picking!!

Bananas & Lady Bugs

Today was all about the banana. I’ve had banana bread on my mind for a while now – so today, I set out to make banana bread muffins. Jenna’s post early in the morning only inspired me further.

I broke out my mom’s recipe (I think from her grandmother)…

Can you tell this one has been around for a while? hah

And some perfectly freckled bananas:

And got to mixing! Seeecret family recipe  (it’s probably a fairly standard BB recipe) – This one is pretty similar…I feel lame for not posting the recipe, but mi madre is protective of ’em and I respect that.

I decided to mix some chopped up Endangered Species Dark Hazelnut Toffee Chocolate into the second half of the mix.

After 20 minutes in the oven, they were puffed up and golden…and just asking to be eaten.

I ventured outside to try and get some great lighting…and a little friend found me.

Landed right on my shoulder/back...she was ready for her closeup.

Lady bugs love banana bread, too! 

Well, the muffins were great. Score one for the lucky lady bug.

Here’s to hoping some of that luck rubs off with other endeavors in my life. 🙂


Berry, Berry

Ahh, good morning, loves.

It’s been a crazy one here. I woke up to the sun pouring in through my windows, and in a matter of minutes (okay, lets say 30), the house had darkened, rumbles could be heard in the distance and the power was flashing. Never good.

Umm, *immediately runs to turn on the local news* – hiiii, weather guy, what’s up??

Turns out – Severe Thunderstorm warnings across most of Southern NH – with the possibility of high winds and hail. The “Stay Away from Windows” warning is never fun.  Eeee – I just wanted my breakfast!

As I tried to compile some oats, the thunder started to literally shake the house. Windows rattling = not cool. Now – okay, I normally actually love thunderstorms…but the fact that it was shaking the house – aaand the weather patterns in the US lately – had me a little on edge. It lasted for about 30 minutes, and though it’s still dark…no more thunder. For now. Eeeps!

Is it sad that I watched my cat to see what her reaction to it all was? I mean they say they can sense the stuff before it happens, right?…she was as cool as a cucumber – or maybe just lazy.

Probbbbably lazy.

Onto less crazy things.

I decided to take a stab at the berry-filled cheesecake-y dough boy that Kath had made not too long ago. I didn’t follow her exact recipe (didn’t have cottage cheese or chia seeds), but the idea was the same.

Go off Kath‘s if you make it – mostly because I am simply a mere mortal and she is an oats superwoman. 

I liked my version, but it wasn’t quiiiite right. However, it was still tasty, and very pretty! I think the difference for me was really in texture. My blender didn’t really get the oats blended, and I didn’t have any chia seeds – so I actually used a bit of cheesecake flavored instant pudding to get a better texture. Not quite the same, but it did add a nice flavor.

It ended up being kind of mousse-like – which is definitely not a bad thing. It was fruity, crunchy (I added PB granola), and it was pretty darn good.

Oh, and it did taste like cheesecake.  Win.

The Most Important Meal of the Day

…servin’ it up Gary’s way. ….yes, that may have been  a Spongebob reference. haha

No shame.

Okay, so overly perky sea creatures aside – breakfast is always deemed the “most important meal of the day.” I have no argument against that.

I just don’t usually listen to it.

I’ll be very honest – I am not that person who is up hours before they need to be out the door…getting that workout in…planning that perfect outfit…primping in front of the mirror (uhh, the ponytail is my BFF)….or making a fulfilling and nutritional breakfast.

Usually – for me – breakfast is coffee (iced) that was made in bulk prior to that morning, it’s is delicous, but slurped down in haste before running out the door, usually a little late (for being early…I’m rarely, actually late).

I’m lucky if I grab a bar on my way out the door.

However, when I’m at my mom’s – I’m able to “make up” for all those days that breakfast is not on my list of priorities.

Nutella is a treat reserved for visits to my mom’s – but I always forget just how much I love English muffins. I need to put them on the shopping list. It’s gotta be the nooks and crannies. …perfect for hiding globs of Nutella (or PB…or cream cheese…or jam…or butter…or cinnamon and sugar).

If I had my way – breakfasts would consists of fresh fruits, spreads and breads. Alas – a lot of the time, 15 minutes of extra sleep takes priority over meal numero uno.

  • Do you always get in your “most imporant meal of the day?”
  • What are your favorite, go-to, weekday breakfasts?

Bundled Breakfast

Yesterday’s 10+ inches of predicted snow came down as rain and ice.

While much less dramatic, it was still a messy, cold and dreary day out there, and I woke up with one thing on my mind:


For some reason, eggs have been on my mind – I think mostly because I haven’t had them in my refrigerator for months. As one of my Whole Foods picks yesterday, I finally had a small carton, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them.

Breakfast Quesadilla.

An awesome combination of an egg, mozzarella, a veggie sausage (with a lil’ maple syrup scrambled in there) and hot sauce, all bundled up in a toasted tortilla, seriously made my morning.

Plus, breakfast is always better when it can be enjoyed while still in your pajamas (with no plans of getting out of them), with bed head, and knowing that you don’t have to rush out the door to school or work on a weekday.

Now, today…today is a different story! Rushin’ out the door!

  • If you had all the time in the world in the morning – what would you make for breakfast??