Yoga DVD (for beginners) suggestions??

Evening all. Today has just been one of those days where I woke up with all the intention in the world to be healthy and active, and it just didn’t happen. Whoooops!  haha

On my way home from class this morning, I found myself suddenly in a lot of pain – I walked myself home, but I spent most of the afternoon lying down. Luckily those pains are gone, and I’m feeling much better and much more like myself.

I really, really wanted to get out for a run, but that didn’t happen…I need to remember that I have to go EARLY or I won’t go at all…not only due to dwindling motivation, but also…sure as hell, I’m not running at night. J Either way, I need to get my butt moving, literally! haha

Oh! Also, all of the muscle spasming I’ve been having (I think due to stress?) has made me think that I should start doing some yoga. Anyone have any good suggestions for a good yoga DVD…a BEGINNERS one preferably or one that builds or something. I used to have a good DVD, but I went to open the DVD case last night and poof that DVD itself is missing!! No good, no good. I’m guessing a former roommate of mine has it or something.

Oh well. Despite not feeling 100%, today has been good. I got an ‘A’ on my French midterm…hooray! I got some grocery shopping in. The walk to the grocery store was nice…the fresh air was so necessary. I also went looking for a hot drink tumbler at Starbucks, but, to be honest, the stuff they had didn’t seem like it would really keep my drink hot…sure it looked pretty but, no insulation, and mostly plastic. I’ll keep looking. J

For lunch I had a chicken pesto sandwich from Shaws. It was really yummy; I don’t remember the last time I had a brioche roll, but it was divine.


I had some of my delicious green sludge (haha it really looks like sludge in this photo) while waiting for my pizza to crisp up!


My abnormal eating patterns have continued tonight – A small BBQ Chicken Pizza from California Pizza Kitchen to be exact. haha Not a lot of it, but I’ve just been craving it. I honestly don’t remember the last time I had it!  I’ll be back to my normal eating habits tomorrow, I promise. haha


I don’t have much to do tonight, which is awesome. I should probably start thinking about the print ad that I have to make for my advertising class. What to choose, what to choose…

I hope everyone’s Monday was a good one! This time change is throwing me off!! I’m hungry way too early – I got out of class at 10 and was craving lunch foods. I made myself wait though, just to get my bod used to the change of time.

Talk to you all soon!!

Peace, Love & Munchies!