Nothin but blue skies…

Bonjour!! Today is absolutely gorgeous out!! Seriously, all I can see are blue skies out of my window..well, that and an awkward antenna that’s on the roof of the building across the street.. 🙂

This morning…getting out of bed was difficult. I guess I should have anticipated it, considering it’s a Monday — but I thought I would have gotten enough sleep last night. I guess there just isn’t such a thing as “enough sleep” for me. haha

I didn’t have time for coffee this morning, but I did get enough sleep not to neeeeed the caffeine boost. (Woo!) haha Class was alright….we have this girl in our class who is…well, VERY spoiled. It’s just painfully obvious that she’s been handed everything, and has been able to talk her way out of doing a lot of the work.  Anyway, so she has missed probably 2 months worth of classes (yeah, we’re in month 3)…and she somehow expected to pass the course with flying colors (she literally said that). And then she got into a shouting match with the professor when the professor told her she needed to drop the course or she’d fail. Uhh..honey, I’m sorry but NO ONE even if they got 100 on every assignment, would pass a course having missing 90% of it. It’s kind of one of those “who does she think she is??” type moments. uhg. Anyway, that was my little dose of “gossip” this morning. haha

I grabbed a pumpkin chocolate chip muffin on my way home, and that has been my meal this morning. haha


So delicious. Perfect…though not really healthy (I’ve been bad lately).

I don’t have a ton to do today (thank goodness) so I think I’m going to make myself a cup of tea, and just try to relax and recoup. My bod is still really stiff so maybe some yoga is in order.

My dad…and his wife… are coming into town tonight so we’re all (including my bro) going out to dinner. We’ll see where we end up. My dad’s wife is probably the pickiest eater…ever. She just doesn’t try new things. It’s one thing to not like things, but my approach to food…is at least try it once.

Enjoy the day, everyone!!

Peace, Love & Munchies.