Fall with favorites!

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year.

Fiery foliage and jumping into leaf piles… crisp mornings and warm spices… comfort food and oversized sweaters. I’m technically December-baby but fall in New England is my jam.  There’s nothing else quite like it.

Oh and apple picking. Can’t forget apple picking.

One apple-picking-perk? Apple crisp. There’s nothing quite like sweet and spicy warm apples topped with an super crispy, crumbly crust, right? Last weekend, I got together with a couple of my favorite people (…and can’t forget my fave pup, Pebbles!) to tackle crisp-making.


We worked with a super simple recipe from A Family Feast that Amanda found on Pinterest – and doubled up the recipe to up all of the (20+) apples that we had.

Pebbles was super helpful with peeling…

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 8.14.59 PM

We had fun peeling, chopping, mixing and crumbling — and followed the recipe almost to the tee. We added more oats than it called for – and I’m glad we did. It was definitely a sweet recipe, but not TOO sweet…but it could have gone there reallllly fast. I think if I use this recipe again, I’d use less brown sugar and add more oats.

I mean…c’mon you can’t really go wrong with a buttery, sweet crust? Really buttery…like Paula-Deen-would-approve buttery.


After 40 minutes of hanging out in the oven, it came out golden brown, bubbly and crunchy….


Not too shabby for a Sunday night??


….and breakfast the next morning. Whoops.


Good eeeevening.

Hey everyone! Hope everyone had a fabulous day. Mine wasn’t too shabby. 🙂

I don’t think it would be possible for me to feel down on a day, in Southern NH, that looked like this:




I lived here my whole life, and Fall never ceases to amaze me with it’s…uh…gorgeousness!!

Anyway, I made a trip to Target (which was not as busy as I thought it would be, considering it is Columbus Day) where I pondered buying an espresso maker (I WILL make that purchase soon, though), a tea kettle (the cheapest one they had was $13…no thanks, I can microwave my water in the mug for now) and some notebooks…but again…too much money. $4 for a one subject? c’mon. Those are all things I want — and will probably get at Target in the future when they go on sale..haha…but even though I didn’t really buy anything I set out for it was a successful trip. Why? you ask.

This is why:


Yummmmy! 🙂 haha

And I found awesome slippers:


Haley decided she wanted to check them out while I was taking the picture...haha. No worries she's just a shoe sniffer -- not chewer. 🙂


So fuzzy!!!

I am back at my apartment in Boston. I made myself a pretty typical dinner of brown rice with black bean salsa and laughing cow light, and sweet potato fries with honey dijon mustard. I was going to mix the mustard and ketchup together (I know I’m weird), but when I opened up my ketchup (haven’t used it since I bought it), the seal was missing…and though, I totally probably took the seal off after I bought it…I don’t actually remember doing it, and I didn’t want to take my chances. — For the record, I bought the ketchup over a month ago, haha. —




I just finished up my course work for tomorrow, and now I’m enjoying some trail mix (w/ choc covered almonds!)

Hope everyone’s doing well!