2014: Keep good going

Tis the season for resolutions!! Whether you’re a fan of them or not…we’ve come to that very special time of year when we are all inundated with a flurry of ads for self-help books, weight loss programs and gym specials – and sweeping promises of going cold turkey on whatever vice you have while simultaneously (not to mention miraculously) dropping 50 pounds by March.

Now, don’t get me wrong…I don’t think resolutions…goal setting…aiming to better oneself… are bad. In fact, I think having goals is an essential part of growing and changing, but I do think success lies in how you go about it. And, personally, I don’t think that success lies in picking apart your life and focusing on what you think sucks…whether that’s a relationship, your salary, weight,  job, habits, hobbies, commute, social life… your… hair? Whatever!

What if we spent time reflecting on the good…instead of focusing on what we don’t like or didn’t accomplish? I mean…shouldn’t we be moving into a new year with a renewed sense of hope? Not … “Uhhhg, okay, I’m a whale…why can’t I look like [insert your favorite celebrity here]??? 2014 will be way better if I drop like 30 lbs, right?”

I know that’s not necessarily easy to do, but wouldn’t it be great to look at what made you happy in the last year and create goals that will keep you moving in that positive direction?

So keeping that in mind, here are some of my goals:

  • Run again. The feeling of accomplishment from my races this year was incredible. Time to grab that adrenaline rush again.


  • Give back. I was involved with a few non-profit organizations through work this year, and I’d love to expand upon that and really get involved with a cause I’m passionate about.


  • Get social. Like in real life…with real people. Let’s be honest, it can be daunting to make new friends as an adult. I’ve been lucky enough to meet some pretty amazing people this year by going outside of my own comfort zone and joining events/groups filled with people who geek out about the same stuff I do.


  • Segue that to…embrace my inner nerd. Embrace what I’m passionate about…who cares what other people think about it. I mean…I can love dessert and running, or high heels and Chucks. I can love bopping around to Top 40 AND any number of Joss Whedon projects. They’re not mutually exclusive. Seriously.

  • Schedule time for myself. Pen to planner. and make it happen.

  • Travel. I was finally able to get some travel in this year through work. I’m lucky enough to have friends and family in amazing cities across the entire country…time to plan, pack and take off.


  • Appreciate it all. We live in a world surrounded by social channels filled with posts that would make you think everyone’s lives are simultaneously super exciting, glamorous, hilarious, perfectly styled and manicured, delicious, filled with storybook love and romance, busy but zen, and fat-free (spoiler alert! they’re not..) – it can be really easy to get caught up in that, and while none of those things are bad, snapshots of other people’s lives shouldn’t influence whether or not I’m happy with mine because… I have a lot to be thankful for.

  • Be happy.

So, tell me, for you… what’s good in the coming year?


Great gift ideas (and deals!!) from Whole Foods

Happy weekend, bloggies!

Thursday, I had the opportunity to visit the Whole Foods Market in Wayland, MA (which is absolutely adorable, for the record) for a “sneak peek” – I use that phrase loosely, considering this had already started – at their 12 Days of Great Whole Body Deals – that are happening NOW!!


Whole Foods has some great sales happening in their Whole Body department from now through December 24. Whether you need some last-minute gifts, some party supplies or just want to treat yourself – there’s a ton of great stuff, at even better prices! Plus, it’s the weekend…and like you really need an “excuse” to visit Whole Foods.

We’ll start with this weekend!

Now through Sunday, December 16 – You can get 25% off all makeup and all hair color. I was lucky enough to receive a sample of MineralFusion blush in “Airy” – I tried it this morning, and love it. Plus, it’s hypo-allergenic and paraben free…which is awesome for someone like me with ridiculously sensitive skin.

photo 4

Monday, December 17 – You’ll get 25% all Navitas Superfoods! Pumped about this one – you’ll find me in a Whole Foods somewhere in the Greater Boston area for sure on Monday. I received a bag of Navitas Cacao Nibs from WF – I have yet to crack into it, but I’m excited. I’m obsessed with a trail mix that has them in it…so I think I’ll be making my version soon!

photo 2

Tuesday, December 18 through Wednesday, December 19 – You’ll get 25% off all 365 Everyday Value & Whole Foods Market Winter Wellness Supplements. This includes items like Flu and Cough Ease …and considering the amount of coughing I’ve heard in my office recently…I would say it’s not a bad idea to stock up.

Thursday, December 20 through Friday, December 21 – You’ll get 25% off all candles, holiday plates and napkins. Say you’ve got a holiday party to attend that weekend – perfect timing…pick up plates, napkins and a host/hostess gift! I received a Big Dipper Wax Works beeswax candle from WF – still trying to decide if this is something I’ll selfishly keep or give as a gift….

photo 3

Saturday, December 22 – You’ll get 25% off all toys! I don’t have too many lil’ ones around, so I didn’t even know that WF *had* toys! In Wayland, I saw some super cute stuffed animals!! Any little kid (or some full-grown kids…) would love them.

Sunday, December 23 – You’ll get 25% off all boxed holiday cards and gift wrap. Perfect timing for anyone like me who…no matter how early I start shopping…always has last-minute shopping and then wrapping to do! Or time to stock up for next year!

Finally, the last day of deals, Monday, December 24 – You’ll get 25% off all Whole Body Gift Baskets. Perfect for some super last-minute gift ideas for Christmas….or just as a big gift to yourself for surviving the holiday season!

To learn more about the deals, and see WF employees showing off their favorite products –check out Whole Foods Wayland’s Facebook page. … and then check out the deals at your local WF (see disclaimer below to see if your store qualifies!)! Who doesn’t love a good sale?!

Thanks again to Whole Foods Wayland. Everyone at the store was so nice! And thanks to Katie for the invite and taking me around the store.

photo 1

Now, just a disclaimer – these deals are only available on the specific days stated, no rain checks! Sale prices are only valid at participating Whole Foods Market stores in Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Greater Hartford, Connecticut. Obviously, certain items may not be available in all stores.

Also, I received the Big Dipper candle, Navitas Cacao Nibs, and the MineralFusion blush free-of-charge – but was not asked to do any sort of review of them by Whole Foods or any of the individual companies. Any opinions stated on my blog about these items are solely my own and do not reflect the opinions or values of Whole Foods Market or the respective companies in any way.