Fall with favorites!

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year.

Fiery foliage and jumping into leaf piles… crisp mornings and warm spices… comfort food and oversized sweaters. I’m technically December-baby but fall in New England is my jam.  There’s nothing else quite like it.

Oh and apple picking. Can’t forget apple picking.

One apple-picking-perk? Apple crisp. There’s nothing quite like sweet and spicy warm apples topped with an super crispy, crumbly crust, right? Last weekend, I got together with a couple of my favorite people (…and can’t forget my fave pup, Pebbles!) to tackle crisp-making.


We worked with a super simple recipe from A Family Feast that Amanda found on Pinterest – and doubled up the recipe to up all of the (20+) apples that we had.

Pebbles was super helpful with peeling…

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 8.14.59 PM

We had fun peeling, chopping, mixing and crumbling — and followed the recipe almost to the tee. We added more oats than it called for – and I’m glad we did. It was definitely a sweet recipe, but not TOO sweet…but it could have gone there reallllly fast. I think if I use this recipe again, I’d use less brown sugar and add more oats.

I mean…c’mon you can’t really go wrong with a buttery, sweet crust? Really buttery…like Paula-Deen-would-approve buttery.


After 40 minutes of hanging out in the oven, it came out golden brown, bubbly and crunchy….


Not too shabby for a Sunday night??


….and breakfast the next morning. Whoops.


Fall is in the Air

Ahh – fall is in the air. Woke up to a verrrry chilly house and an even chillier breeze outside.

Nevertheless, it was a beautiful, crisp day. I truly love Fall in New England.

To fully appreciate the crisp morning…I broke out pumpkin in the best way I knew how….


Specifically – Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Oats.

Oats – I’ve missed you!

  • What’re your Fall faves?? I love pumpkin oatmeal (though not too much pumpkin..) and pumpkin coffee. Oh…and apple picking!!

Berry, Berry

Ahh, good morning, loves.

It’s been a crazy one here. I woke up to the sun pouring in through my windows, and in a matter of minutes (okay, lets say 30), the house had darkened, rumbles could be heard in the distance and the power was flashing. Never good.

Umm, *immediately runs to turn on the local news* – hiiii, weather guy, what’s up??

Turns out – Severe Thunderstorm warnings across most of Southern NH – with the possibility of high winds and hail. The “Stay Away from Windows” warning is never fun.  Eeee – I just wanted my breakfast!

As I tried to compile some oats, the thunder started to literally shake the house. Windows rattling = not cool. Now – okay, I normally actually love thunderstorms…but the fact that it was shaking the house – aaand the weather patterns in the US lately – had me a little on edge. It lasted for about 30 minutes, and though it’s still dark…no more thunder. For now. Eeeps!

Is it sad that I watched my cat to see what her reaction to it all was? I mean they say they can sense the stuff before it happens, right?…she was as cool as a cucumber – or maybe just lazy.

Probbbbably lazy.

Onto less crazy things.

I decided to take a stab at the berry-filled cheesecake-y dough boy that Kath had made not too long ago. I didn’t follow her exact recipe (didn’t have cottage cheese or chia seeds), but the idea was the same.

Go off Kath‘s if you make it – mostly because I am simply a mere mortal and she is an oats superwoman. 

I liked my version, but it wasn’t quiiiite right. However, it was still tasty, and very pretty! I think the difference for me was really in texture. My blender didn’t really get the oats blended, and I didn’t have any chia seeds – so I actually used a bit of cheesecake flavored instant pudding to get a better texture. Not quite the same, but it did add a nice flavor.

It ended up being kind of mousse-like – which is definitely not a bad thing. It was fruity, crunchy (I added PB granola), and it was pretty darn good.

Oh, and it did taste like cheesecake.  Win.


For a while now, I’ve been admiring the awesome dough boy bowls on Kath‘s site. By admiring…I, of course, mean drooling over.

I’m all for feeling like I’m eating cake batter first thing in the AM! Breakfast of champions, obvvvv.

Actually this really is the breakfast of champions.

Kath‘s instructions are to assemble the ingredients, stir and leave them in the fridge overnight – then blend in the morning. I didn’t have that much foresight – sooo I just blended and let the finished product sit in my fridge for a little bit before shoving it in my face!

I was craving chocolate & coffee… sooo a mocha dough boy was born.

I combined in a blender:

  • 1/4 cup of rolled oats
  • 4 oz of non-fat plain Chobani
  • 1.5 tsp of chia seeds
  • 1 tsp of vanilla extract
  • 1 TBSP Hershey’s Special Dark Cocoa
  • 1 tsp of instant coffee
  • 1/2 tsp of honey (and then added more Truvia for extra sweetness [I like it sweet!] at the end – I might just do more honey, period, next time) 
  • 2 oz skim milk (adjust amount of liquid for desired texture/thickness!)

Whiiiired away until it was all smooth – and then threw it in the fridge for 10 minutes.

Then – more to make it pretty than for actual flavor – I added some hazelnuts and some raspberry jam. I really liked the jam though. Nom. However – this is certainly not as pretty as the masterpieces of granola and nut butter that Kath puts together!

My new fave morning staple. No cooking and no brain freeze from trying to suck down a fruit smoothie too quickly! 🙂 Plus, this is super filling!!

Now to attempt a different variety of Kath’s Dough Boys – her Berry Cheesecake Dough Boy.

You had me at cheesecake.

Edited: Revelation (not so much)

Hello, hello!!

I knew today was going to be hot when I woke up… well, the weather forecast was helpful, too..but it was almost 80 degrees when I rolled out bed this morning. Okay, that’s a lie…I didn’t roll..more like SPRANG out of bed because some construction company decided it would be best to break out the circular saw during the weeee hours (and by wee hours I mean 8:30 – so I’m being a little overly dramatic here. haha).

Even though it was hot out I was feelin’ pretty B.A. Can you feel B.A. in a sundress? Okay, I’ve decided…yes.you.can.

Don't mind my recycling...

My morning starting off with great eats and with a surprising revelation. Let’s go with the eats first…chocolaty (VERY) POM overnight oats. Pretty much added a banana and some unsweetened cocoa to the mixture (minus the jam) I had yesterday (though obviously I overnighted them instead of stove-topped). These were seriously delectable and so easy.

*Spiel (and yes, I totally looked the spelling up because – personally I’ve always pronounced it “schpeel”…ahh yiddish, I love you) removed after the other revelation: that there was confusion between the website and my bottle on serving size :)*

Okay…now my realization has become confusion…because well – now my creamer and the website say two different things on the nutrition label. My creamer saying the serving is a tablespoon (apparently I was seeing things earlier)…and the site saying it’s a teaspoon. I’m assuming the site is the typo considering 15 mL is a lot more than a teaspoon. I tweeted them. haha

The rest of the day was splendid even though it was toasty out. I decided to venture out for a Starbucks iced tea. Plus, the people watching is always good on a day like today.

I also munched on some snow peas before heading out – class, class, class. Joys. haha

Oh, and a pudding… haha.

I also stopped and picked up snackies for class.

Just a few of my munchies

When dinner-time rolled around, I was ready. I paired brown rice with the soup I made last night. Deeelicious. I had 2 bowls. 😀

Tonight is a good night:





I’m off! Hope you all are wonderful!!

I got it from my momma

Remember that song? haha Ohhh man – memories – Will.I.Am. … you slay me.

This does have a tie in though – I swear. Today is my beautiful mother’s birthday!!!! I’m sad I cannot spend it with her… :(… but I’ll do the next best thing by professing my love in a blog post. Obviously the best of gifts, right? haha

Isn't she adorbs??

We are a tall fam - my mom is the petite one...at 5'6" - 5'7"...

Mom, thank you for being you. You’re a caring, wonderful, strong woman and I am so lucky to have you – not just as my mother  – but as a friend. Happy, happy birthday and lots of love.

My eats over the last couple of days have been alllll ovah the place – as my eats mirror how my life has been lately. Like I mentioned, 7-ish weeks of classes have started (is it odd that I honestly do not know how long this little summer semester will be lasting?? I keep getting conflicting reports, haha) and it’s thrown me for a loop. You wouldn’t think that something as short as 3 weeks of break would have that effect…but it’s as if I had never taken a course in my life.

Here are some of my latest obsessions:

Snow peas – crunchy, cool, sweet and delicious.

Oats – of the overnight and stove-top variety.

Maple overnight oats - yum. And yes, that'd be honey-nut wheat germ on top. Am I 80?

Stove-top with blackberyy jam - divine.

Obviously...didn't like it... hah.

Nutella – need I say more??

I am off…because I have lots that I have to accomplish before 4p.m. I hope you all are absolutely wonderful and that your week has been fabulous! How is it Thursday already?? Ahh!

  • Have you had any food obsessions as of late?? Oats have definitely been it for me…the ease of overnight oats has been a lifesaver.

Make Some Good

Hi loves! Ahh, so I did some lovely adventuring down to Boston today to pick up books/check for mail and deliveries. I would have gone down to stay, but I still have some laundry to do here…and yes, it is worth the driving to be able to do multiple loads of non-coin-op laundry. 🙂

I grabbed some saltines for the road…munch.munch.munch. The only bad thing is that I may need to vacuum out my car. haha

I successfully maneuvered lunch-time traffic and picked up my books. I then stopped by my apartment where I found a surprise waiting for me in my mailbox!

Thanks to Alicia and People Making Good (PMG) Public Relations in Burlington, VT for hooking me up with Boloco bucks! PMG specializes in promoting socially responsible and healthy brands, restaurants and food clients. They graciously invited my to a blogging event at Boloco earlier this spring that I unfortunately couldn’t attend – but I will definitely be eating burritos! 🙂 That card (lovin’ the fact that it’s Fenway, by the way) will absolutely being getting quite a work out. It’ll be especially perfect for when my courses start up again!

After a lot of driving in a short period of time, once home I settled down with a bowl of vanilla, apple, cinnamon oats with some crushed sliced almonds. Perfect for a gray day.

Popcorn and other assorted munchies came into play throughout the afternoon.

Dinner was a mishmash of things. Most importantly – lots of apple sauce and sweet potato fries. Separate…but fabulous.

Happy Friday everyone! Any fabulous plans??