Snow Survival

I don’t know about you…but I’m over the snow! This would be a lot of snow throughout the winter months as a whole, but man! it’s all come down in only a matter of weeks! I know I’m not the only one subject to these conditions so I won’t spend this post complaining, and at this point, it’s all about what you make of it! Right?

Thankfully, today my school canceled evening classes (which I was secretly hoping for!). It’s not that I dislike my class. In fact, I rather enjoy it. However, beginning in my first class of the day, I started planning a trip to Whole Foods for some much needed essentials. Some of them were pretty standard (plain yogurt for smoothies, etc), but some were definitely a part of my personal snow survival guide.

Okay, so maybe they weren’t originally intended for that, but after getting things home – I started realizing just how having those things in the house would make the storm more bearable…?

My Own Personal Snow Survival Guide – Foodie Edition (Warding off Cabin Fever Since ’11?)

  • Dark Chocolate – this goes without saying.

  • Larabars – simple, easy and delicious – and if something happened to the power, I’d at least have these to munch on!

  • Various flavors of hot chocolate (I may have a lifetime supply stashed away in my cupboards…) … hmmm are we noticing a chocolate theme here?

  • Breaking with that theme – some deeelicious flavors of Chobs! Even for some froyo on the fly…yes, even in snowstorms.

  • Also – popcorn. The do it yourself – on the stovetop – kind. Once you pop you just can’t stop! Seriously though, there’s something great about sitting in your bay window and watching the snow fall while snacking away on freshly popped corn.

These are just some of the goodies that I can depend on to lift up my spirits – or stave off stir-craziness. Regardless – all these foods, paired with a good book or just a good television show or movie…ahh, sublime survival. 🙂

  • What are some of your must haves for “emergencies”??


Hey, hey loves!
How’s everyone doing?? Well, I hope! I’m actually back at my mom’s this weekend to do a little shop-shop-shoppin’ (tax-free, of course)…and while I didn’t get everything I was looking for – I did make some great finds!!

Of course, any good shopping trip is fueled by good eats.

My morning was fueled by Chobani‘s Pomegranate Greek Yog cup! For me, it is just the perfect combo of silky, tangy, sweet and crunchy – plus, it’s just a protein packed start to the day.

So mi madre and I did laps of the mall…I’m sort of a “have a plan before springing into action” kind of gal…when it comes to clothes shopping at least. Eventually we landed in Banana…where I didn’t get anything..but wanted a lot. haha However, we eventually ended up in Gap and Forever 21, and I walked away with lots of tops. 🙂

My fave:

Back-story: Minnie Mouse was the first Halloween costume that I can really remember wearing – I just love/d her!! If I can find the pictures of me as Minnie…and scan them…you will be witness to 4 year old Jil in all her Minnie Mouse glory. haha

Ohhh – I can’t forget the ever present mall treat – GLORIA JEAN’S…love them. I got my usual ice cap with a shot of hazelnut…however, I forgot to take a pictureeee. Boo.

We finished up our shopping spree with some perusing at Target…where of course – you walk away with tons more than you went in for! (aka…we went in for ice cube trays…and came out with a lot more than just ice trays…haha).

The afternoon consisted of lounging around…and as my mom would say – “appreciating the fact that it is Saturday” – …with popcorn of course.

Dinner was a joint effort – my mom made an awesome turkey salad with cranberries…just a touch of mayo. I contributed sweet tater goodness! 🙂

Really satisfying…and just homey. 🙂

I’m gonna wrap it up for now – but there is definitely a lot on my mind in terms of the blog…which I will definitely want all of your input on!! 🙂 Really, truly! So be on the lookout for that! 🙂

Make Some Good

Hi loves! Ahh, so I did some lovely adventuring down to Boston today to pick up books/check for mail and deliveries. I would have gone down to stay, but I still have some laundry to do here…and yes, it is worth the driving to be able to do multiple loads of non-coin-op laundry. 🙂

I grabbed some saltines for the road…munch.munch.munch. The only bad thing is that I may need to vacuum out my car. haha

I successfully maneuvered lunch-time traffic and picked up my books. I then stopped by my apartment where I found a surprise waiting for me in my mailbox!

Thanks to Alicia and People Making Good (PMG) Public Relations in Burlington, VT for hooking me up with Boloco bucks! PMG specializes in promoting socially responsible and healthy brands, restaurants and food clients. They graciously invited my to a blogging event at Boloco earlier this spring that I unfortunately couldn’t attend – but I will definitely be eating burritos! 🙂 That card (lovin’ the fact that it’s Fenway, by the way) will absolutely being getting quite a work out. It’ll be especially perfect for when my courses start up again!

After a lot of driving in a short period of time, once home I settled down with a bowl of vanilla, apple, cinnamon oats with some crushed sliced almonds. Perfect for a gray day.

Popcorn and other assorted munchies came into play throughout the afternoon.

Dinner was a mishmash of things. Most importantly – lots of apple sauce and sweet potato fries. Separate…but fabulous.

Happy Friday everyone! Any fabulous plans??

Soup in a box

Hola beauties! How are you all doin??

I slept in today — the combination of the fact that I could not fall asleep last night for the life of me (major random food cravings kept me awake…popcorn finally did the trick) and the fact that I had no classes to get up for today meant that sleeping was totes on the agenda. 🙂 It felt glorrrious.

In spite of sleeping in, I was very productive! It started off with a verrrry strong latte. I think I may have finished only half of it and I was setttt. haha

I set out to clean my apartment — which was in desperate need of it — and had UP playing in the background. I simply love this movie — especially the music in it. Okay, and I’m a sucker for Doug, the talking dog. 🙂

After 96 minutes of cleaning (as, that’s how long the movie is) — I set up and got myself organized to do work this afternoon. I continued my list of what’s due. Luckily, I have a few more things checked off of the list now.

I was briefly distracted by hunger pangs, and the drama of 3 police cars and a fire truck arriving across the street. I have no clue what happened, but it distracted me enough to not take photos of my cheese, apple and popcorn.

I did. however, think it’d be fun to take pictures of the drama. Whatever it was. haha

Returning to my studies — I was especially productive for the rest of the afternoon.

For dinnahh, I decided to whip up a soup mix that my mom gave me as a stocking stuffer for Christmas.

While this was bubblin’ away (which, btw — made my apartment smell so AWESOME)…I decided I wanted some Green Goodness. Voila.

The soup only took about 40 min (and one minor mishap of boiling over…wooops, sorry clean stove!), and it was absolutely delicious. It was spicy and smooth…and just comforting. I have plenty of leftovers so we’ll see how well it “ages”! 🙂

Dessert, of course, was my cinnamon puddin’ from last night — revisited. haha Yum, yum, yum.

I’ve got to, at least, start a paper tonight — but we’ll see how far I get with that. I should get as much done as possible, but we’ll see.

Oh! I wanted to mention that I got rid of the twitter for this blog. It was a pain balancing two — and why not just OWN my blogging and use my initial account anyway, right? If anyone feels like it, I’m @jilianmarie on Twitttah, my account is private, but just send me one of those request dealies! 🙂

I hope you ladies (are there any guys out there?) are doing awesome!! Anyone got any major TV plans for tonight? It’s quite the night for television!

Snow + Sabra

Hello, hello lovelies! How was your Thurs? Mine has absolutely flowwwn by.

This morning was glorious — got to sleep in a little (yay!) and then made myself a big ol’ latte.

I lounged for a bit, and then decided it’d be a good idea to get some errands in before it really started snowing! It literally started snowing the moment I walked out the front door — so I ran to CVS for some essentials and then to TJ’s where I picked up milk (my reason for the errand) and some of their meatless meatballs (a perk to the original errand haha).

Got home — and was hungry so I had a cheese stick (and I had another one later, too) and then I sat down with an apple to delve into 40 pages of reading that I probably should have started waaaay earlier in the week. haha

I totally dove right into my apple and then thought: PICTURE!

Hence…this photo:

I settled in and read and took notes for a few hours — and then…hungerrrr. Popcorn and Sabra fit the bill.

I settled back into my reading and note taking…but I did have time to snap a picture of the snow falling:

For dinner, I had to have a repeat of last night — I’d literally been thinking about it all day, as lame as that sounds. However this time I switched up ingredients a little and tried some new stuff…this one included the same cashews, corn, parsley (the last of my bunch), brown rice, soy sauce , sriracha and spicy peppers — but I also added a little bit of pineapple salsa and 2 meatless balls. haha

Some of the gang:

Finished product:

So right now, as I type this I’m watching the beginning of a repeat of “The Office” and I’ll be finishing up my reading — hopefully soon! and then I have a few more things to do before hittin’ the hay.

As usual…some Peanut Butter and Co. product will find its way to my mouth tonight. …probbbz some Dark Chocolate Dreams.

Hope all you lovelies are doing well! Alllllmost Friday!!

A little bit of Buzzzzz

First bit of news….you may have noticed some layout changes in the blog…

I’m happy to say that I’m now a part of the FoodBuzz Featured Publishers Program. 🙂 Yay! I feel so legit now.

In other news….

Wednesday is ovahhh! Woo. It means the week is more than halfway done – yesss.

Today was a good day — albeit wicked busy. I had my Design Lab, French, French Lab and Journalism…alll in a row aka every single class within ten minutes of the next. It meant a lot of running around — which meant not a lot of time for eats.

In the morning, I had a coffee before I left my apartment (it was a ridonculously small “leftover latte“), and I grabbed another on my way to school (no picture of that one..but you’ve all seen my Starbucks lattes before)…seeing as I couldn’t even think as to when I would have the opportunity to eat. …I really need to start packing food.


I didn’t eat a real breakfast (my bad)…so I grabbed lunch after all my classes were done with a few friends. It was great to catch up and EAT! haha I grabbed a salad because honestly..I didn’t feel like looking around the cafe.. and it was pretty good. A little soggy but good.

After eating, we waited in line for about an hour for BRUINS TICKETS! Yay, I’m excited to go to the game. 😀 I didn’t finish my salad so it came back to my apartment with me where I doused it (okay…so doused is an exaggeration) with Maple Grove Farms‘ Cranberry Balsamic Vinaigrette. Quite yummy. haha

By the time this picture was taken all of the chicken and all but one of the mandarin oranges were longggg gone.

I snacked on a cheese stick (yummm love these) and then got down to business making dinnnah.

On the menu — I don’t know what to call it…my own pad thai of sorts? haha

The players:

  • Toasted (by me) cashews [just threw ’em in a hot, dry pan for a little]
  • Frozen corn
  • Brown rice
  • Hoisin sauce
  • Sriracha sauce
  • A bit of soy sauce
  • Parsley
  • Spicy peppers


I’m actually really proud of this one. It came out really good…especially for being a sort of “throw this in, throw that in” type of thing.

What I did:

  1. Threw the cashews into a dry, hot pan until they were a little toasty — then took them out and just put ’em on the cutting board
  2. Threw corn in the pan until it was defrosted and had started browning (honestly as much as you want or any veggie or protein that you might want)
  3. Threw in the brown rice and let it get a little toasty.
  4. Added about a teaspoon of hoisin sauce.
  5. Added about a teaspoon of soy sauce.
  6. Add as much sriracha as you dare
  7. Added parsley — and tossed everything together.
  8. Turned the heat off and then added the peppers…just so they’d stay crunchy.
  9. Then, chopped up the cashews a bit, and a bit of extra parsley .
  10. Assemble. haha 🙂
  11. And most importantly EAT!

It was seriously BOMB!!

I’m going to relax for a little (aka ingest copious amounts of Dark Chocolate Dreams or popcorn or both….), and get down to business…seeing as I have a tonnn of work to do for my classes…including watch a 3 hour silent movie online. Joy. haha I’ll break out the popcorn for that one. :-p Either way, I’ll probably munch my way through the evening…per usual.

I hope you’re all having a faannntastic week.

Back in the Saddle

Good morning!! I cannot believe its Sunday already AND that I did not really post yet this weekend…*sigh* haha

I hope you all have had a splendid weekend!! My weekend was pretty good, low-key, but good — even with a dentist appointment in there. haha

I’ll kinda do a wrap up of what’s been going on for the past couple of days (which feel like eternity in blog-time, right?)  Friday was a VERY busy day — I trekked all the way to school with ALL of my books (two whole bags worth, joy)…and I put them all in…my LOCKER. YES! A locker…in college. Who woulda thought. haha It feels SO high school, but it’s a life saver. I’m glad my school does it (considering how many kid’s commute its a good idea). I didn’t even have a locker in high school (eons ago)…I think the last time I actually remember using a locker was in 5th and 6th grade…and it might have been plastered with photos of Leo DiCaprio (Titanic, obvssss) and Hansen. hahahahaha


All joking aside, this locker really will save my ass this semester — or should I say…it’ll save my back.

It was a hectic day which included hopping the train home for my appointment yesterday. While I waited for the train a random middle-aged woman decided to talk to me about how she likes how I do my eyeliner and asked me to instruct her on how to do it…. yah…yayy cities! haha 🙂 I honestly don’t think she was a weirdo…though it was a weird topic of conversation to have with someone you’ve never met or spoken to previously…I think she was just very interested in how I do my eyeliner. ha She continued to talked about galoshes and how she wears them in the garden but doesn’t get how people where them to walk around the city…her thoughts…they’re feet must be cold! My thoughts: I guess you’d rather have cold dry feet than cold wet feet.

Moooving on. Yesterday, I was up bright and early for my dentist appointment (*dread) — it went well actually, my hygienist was so nice (some of the ladies there can be quite mean about flossing deficiencies….haha). I walked away unscathed and happy camper with a new toothbrush, floss, toothpaste and a 2010 planner. haha What? Everyone’s dentist doesn’t hand out planners?? :-p

Breakfast was….A YOGURT MESS! SHOCK! I know it’s been a while. 🙂 Chobani, honey, flax, and sunflower seeds. Nom, Nom, Nom.

In the afternoon, I enjoyed a couple of bowls of popcorn and an apple with PB! Woopwoop! 🙂

Dinner was baked green (and this time lost of other colors, too) rice. I told my mom that we should use up whatever veggies were gonna go back…so we ended up with the obvious spinach, carrots, onion, eggplant, and tomatoes … I don’t think there was anything else? Maybe? haha Either way…it was freaaaaaking delicious!!! I need to make this at my apartment ASAP.

After dinner, I totally intended on blogging…but I got sucked into the SAG Awards preshow annnnd the SAG Award’s themselves. As a former musical theatre geek…lemme just say…GLEE!!!!!! YAY! haha I’m so happy. Plus, the dress that Lea Michele wore was gorrrg (she was too, obviously)…I especially loved the color.

Anyway — hope you lovelies have had a wonderful weekend…that was mine in nutshell!! 🙂