Blog post backup! Thai yoga with Bodywaves Boston

Ohhh my gosh. How did it get to be October? The past month has been absolutely crazy – so crazy that I haven’t had a chance to tell you about a couple of awesome activities that I got a chance to try out courtesy of the Blog and Tweet Boston group!

One of those awesome activities was a Thai yoga class in the North End Greenway with Bodywaves Boston. If Bodywaves sounds familiar, they’ve been a part of a couple of events that I’ve gone to in the last year or so – including both of the Wellness by the Water events that I attended. I already knew they were amazing – so I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to learn Thai yoga.

We had an absolutely gorgeous morning on the Greenway and I was paired up with Adam (@conciergeboston) and the ladies from Bodywaves walked the group the partner Thai massage/yoga.

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 7.09.16 PM

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 7.09.03 PM

Adam and I quickly introduced ourselves, and then we all learned all about pushing and pulling each others limbs in a bunch of different directions.


Oh, hey! Seriously though – my hamstrings hated this stretch (they’re the farthest things from flexible). Mwahaha.

In all seriousness, the Thai yoga instruction was awesome. Via Bodywaves – Thai massage is a” wide variety of stretching movements combined with gentle rocking and rhythmic compressions are applied. In essence it is a combination of yoga and acupressure.” It increases flexibility, promotes relaxation and is great for injury prevention.

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 7.03.12 PM

I walked away feeling stretched out and relaxed.

If you’re in the market for a massage and in the Boston/North End/Faneuil/Government Center area, I’d hiiiiighly recommend checking out Bodywaves. I’m already planning my next appointment with them.

Massage. needed.




Thanks to Bodywaves and Blog and Tweet Boston for the opportunity. I received this class free-of-charge in exchange for blogging about the experience. Opinions are my own.



Okay, I’m addicted.

Like, seriously.

I mean – I know, I hop…skip…jump…full-force into most new things…and then maaaybe some of them fizzle, but after my experience at the Wellness by the Water retreat, I knew  this was the real deal.

I can say, I love yoga.


via @celesteplattkankel

Me, Jen and Janine via @celesteplattkankel

Yes, I know that my first real class was only like…a couple of weeks ago.

I didn’t say I was a prodigy …

…or overly flexible (my hamstrings are probably the world’s tightest…oy…).

Via @thepurplegiraffej9

Via @thepurplegiraffej9

I fall out of poses over…and over.

Scan the room to see what other people are doing when I have no clue…

Go back into child’s pose.

Shake like a leaf at times.

But I love it.

I’ve started going to the classes offered at my gym, and leave each looking forward to the next.

Yoga is something I’ve tried on and off…by myself  in my living room… for years now. It took an awesome class (thanks, Kendall!) to get me hooked – what’s your latest obsession?

Wellness by the Water: Reset & Refresh

So this weekend was full of firsts.

I went to my first ever (First #1) wellness retreat – Wellness by the Water Retreat – held at the gorgeous Lenox Hotel in Boston’s Back Bay. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve walked by the hotel, but this was my first time venturing inside…and not only was it gorgeous, but the staff was so incredibly nice!

Let me back up a little…the best place to start is from the beginning, right?

So, I woke up bright and early, got dressed and prepped myself for a day of meeting new people, boot camp, yoga, spa/wellness treatments and all sorts of other goodies. I left my house early (you never know with the T) and ended up arriving in Copley about 20 minutes ahead of time. Still a little sleepy, I grabbed a tiny, iced coffee at Starbucks and sat down for a minute before heading over to the Lenox.


At the hotel, I was directed up the stairs, and I could hear the familiar buzzing of people meeting, laughing and catching up. I looked around for anyone I might know, but didn’t see any familiar faces, so I dropped my stuff off, and went to check in. One of the first people I met was Celeste. So sweet! She got me checked in, and then I settled into the Dome Room with 30-40 other ladies.

purple ceiling

morning meeting

Everyone was excited to be there and the energy in the room (considering it was 9am) was awesome. I ended up next to Janine from The Purple Giraffe, who happened to grow up in the town next to me in NH aaand her husband is my friend Dan’s stepbrother (didn’t find that out til after the event) – small world!!. The lovely Erin from Creative Soul in Motion, joined us! I was so excited to see her – it’d been since our October meet up in Cambridge – too long! Meg and Carolyn rounded out our little section in the center of the room.

yoga mat chats

Kendall and Celeste kicked off the event, and we dove right into boot camp run by Celeste. I’d never done anything like it before (First #2), and boyyyy did it kick my butt – in the best way possible, of course. Planks, squats, kicks, jumping jacks, crunches, resistance, punches…we did it all. I definitely feel all those squats today. #hurtsogood I’m going to have to visit Celeste soon, and get my butt back into shape.

Via @thepurplegiraffej9

Via @thepurplegiraffej9

After boot camp, Kendall led us in some vinyasa yoga. Again, I’d never taken a yoga class before (First #3) – annnd I can now say I’m officially hooked. I never realized that I have a tendency to just be…tense…even when I stretched I think I tensed-up. I loved the expression of letting your body “melt” into positions… awesome visual direction, and totally worked for me. As someone with some of the tightest hamstrings ever…I was surprised at my own flexibility at points.

Via @thepurplegiraffej9

Via @thepurplegiraffej9

via @celesteplattkankel

via @celesteplattkankel

We all met for lunch at CityTable, which is connected to the Lenox – where Kendall talked about nutrition and how to deal with cravings and what causes them. Lunch was delicious – take a look.

via @thepurplegiraffej9

via @thepurplegiraffej9


After lunch, we had the opportunity to meet with a  TON of awesome vendors. I tried everything from Organic Chocolate to smoothies and awesome juice from e.t.c. Juicery. After some time spent milling around and getting to try a bunch of cool products – it was time for our afternoon sessions to begin.


I had – Dance Fitness (First #4), Reiki with Christy, Heart Forgiveness with Shawna (First #5) and Accupuncture/Accupressure with Denise (First #6).

All of them were great experience – I learned how to salsa, merengue and cha cha, had a fabulously relaxing Reiki session with Christy, learned about Heart Forgiveness/Holistic Health from Shawna, and “learned” that my shoulders are tiiiight aka I sit at a desk/ I’ve got too many stressors in my life (no surprise on my end!) and I could use a good massage from Denise – she was awesome, and the acupressure points she used on my shoulders/arms felt awesome!

We rounded out the day with a yin yoga session with Sophie – who came in from New York. She was the sweetest thing, and it was fun to pile into the hallway and stretch-it-out one last time before leaving.


I ended the day having tried new things, met some awesome people, and walked away with a ton of swag! Love.
Thanks again, Kendall and Celeste. It was an amazingly positive experience – and worth every penny, people! I’m already signed up for their next session, which is tentatively scheduled for May. I say, put some time away mid-month… now – and be on the lookout for registration!

Coups & Soups

Evening everyone!! Happpy Friday! 🙂 Well…at this point — HAPPY WEEKEND!

Today was a productive day. I was up verrrry early because I fell asleep extremely early last night. I think I fell asleep around 8:45 or 9 — which meant..BING at 4:15 I was wide awake. I made myself stay in bed until 5:30 because I was hoping I would fall back asleep.

I got up, and before anything — tuned into my OnDemand and did about 25 minutes of yoga. It was glorious.

After that I cleaned up (aka took a looong shower) and made myself some tea. I checked up on some e-mail and blogs that I had missed falling asleep so early, and just relaxed on the couch for a while.

I put together a list of everything I needed to get done today — and thought about the best possible way to get all of those things done with the least amount of travel. haha I needed to pick up a book at the bookstore, go grocery shopping at more than one grocery store (love Trader Joe’s but there’s always a few things that they just don’t have), etc. etc. etc.

I got a move on around 10-ish (I relaxed for a while, k?? hahaha), and made a quick stop into my fave haunt – Starbucks – and got myself a venti Skinny Hazelnut Latte (you know how I do)…I got it free with a coup they sent me. Woohooo for a coup and no drink size limit!! I first went to the bookstore to pick up the very last textbook that I needed. It was an ordeal and they couldn’t find it at first — but I have it now…I have TOO many books this semester — oyyy.

I felt no shame taking this picture while waiting for the T — there are many people doing weirder things that taking pictures of their coffee. haha

Anyway, while at the store – I decided to make a trip into Whole Foods — seeing as it was riiiight there. 🙂 I perused the aisles, and stumbled on some Cinnamon Raisin Swirl by Peanut Butter & Co. (I was looking for Mighty Maple..but I can’t find it anyyyywhere!). I haven’t tried that flavor before, and it was on “special” — so it was cheappoo. I said, “Why not?!” I also picked up some split peas and some sushi to soothe my hungry tummy.

I haven’t tried it yet – hope it’s good.

The wasabi I added post paparazzi attack was a good solution to the sinus issues I’ve been having. haha

After noshing on the delish sushi, I headed to Trader Joe’s – where as always – bargain mania. They had rearranged the store since the last time I was there so I must’ve looked like a lost puppy wandering around. haha I came away with a damn good haul or fruits, veggies, milk, flax, uhh…what else did I get? haha Either way — my fridge now has food in it where as before — it had a Brita, champagne, Smart Balance and that’s it. haha

A full fridge is a happy fridge — okay so it’s not all that full…but I am only one girl! haha And a lot of my stuff doesn’t need to live in the fridge. 🙂

This evening I set to work making split pea soup. Nom. It came out pretty good — I didn’t want to add bacon or ham so I subbed in some curry powder for a smokier taste. Yum. I also added spinach — nutritious and it makes it look a heck of a lot more appetizing. haha Dollop of Fage for fun.

I’ll be eating this fooo-eva. It made so much. haha

I hope everyone survived their week and has some fun planned for the weekend!!

Bring on the naners!

Hello lovelies!

Today has been a very low-key day — but a healthier one. 🙂 Not only was food more ..uhh..appealing, but my back has felt better, too! Wahooo! haha I mostly cleaned (rocking out to Gaga, of course), and relaxed.

I made a really exciting discovery in my house today!!

YOGA MAT! and a pretty one at that! This is especially exciting for me…because it means I won’t have to buy one. 🙂 — It was my mom’s (a gift from a friend of hers that owns her own yoga studio)..and she said it was okay if I took it!! Happpy, happy Jil.

I felt like spicing up my morning routine this morning — and though, yarrr, I still had my normal coffee… I shook up my yogurt mess. I did my usual fat free plain greek yogurt and flax – but I added banana and a spoonful of Nutella! 🙂 Yumm. Banana was especially important to me considering when I was researching about my back issues, I found out that a lack of potassium could be a factor in knots.  Bring on the naners!!

I thoroughly enjoyed this yogurt mess…but a part of me just wanted to take bananas and dip them in melted Nutella. ..naughty.

I got a bunch of my laundry done (even when I’m home, I let my laundry pile up like I have to pay by the load — habit..haha), and hung out with my bro. Lunch was a huge mess of popcornstovetop yarrr. Best ever. All it needs is a little sea salt. 🙂 I shared with my bro — but it was a TONNN. haha My tummy was verrrry happy.

I enjoyed some epic Diet Raspberry Ginger Ale by Waist Watchers — it uses Splenda — but it’s yummy.

Dinner was an indulgence: a bean burrito with cheese and salsa (I ate half and then ate the bean filling from the 2nd half), brown rice with black beans, and lots of broccoli. It was delicious. It was nice to sit down for a meal with my family and just chat. It also started to snow a little bit, too. I guess it was just all conducive to a comfy cozy evening in.

The new season of Biggest Loser is premiering tonight! Are you watching?

Have a fabulous evening!