The Kitchen

Welcome to Big City, Lil’ Kitchen.

Where the magic happens…


I blogged under the name “Peace, Love & Munchies” for over a year – however, in the last 6 months or so, I had been torn about my “blogging identity.”

Was I really Peace, Love & Munchies? Maybe? What does that even mean?

I went back and forth about changing my blog and essentially my own personal brand. Would I lose readers? Would they be able to find me? Would they want to find me? Would they like the “new” me?

However, as my passion for blogging waned I began to realize it was because I just didn’t feel that connection to my own blog anymore. Changes had to be made. Now, make no mistake, my lack of connection was solely to my own blog and not to the blogging community. You all have been a wonderful, supportive, foodie family to me, and I felt like…like…. I owed it to myself and to all of you to write a blog that was truly…me. A place I could feel free of any sort of restraint.

In came the whole “Big City, Lil’ Kitchen” concept. I’m still the same girl – I love eating as healthfully as I can, but I love my sweets, too. I’m on  budget, and I make things that are simple. I started thinking about  people I know who live in cities and never cook or don’t know how to cook. Living in any city gives you access to many different types of cultures, produce and products that you might not find anywhere else – your kitchen is begging you to cook! Granted, yes – I am from Boston. It is, admittedly, not the largest city in the world…but it is a city – and my kitchen is lil’. haha

I want to show everyone out there who uses their refrigerator as a shoe rack or stores clothes in their oven, that you can make the most out of (and in) the teeniest of kitchens. No excuses. Delicious. Healthy (most of the time). Easy.

So here it is. Same Jil. Different name. Bigger aspirations (in her little kitchen).


2 thoughts on “The Kitchen

  1. Just came across your blog via many other blog. Love it, and I can totally relate! Big city (for the Midwest, at least), very tiny kitchen. LOVE lattes and coffee shops. AND I am in college studying advertising/PR. Cheers, and good luck with finals!

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