Who You Callin’ Cupcake?

Undeniably, there has been a large amount of baked goods on this blog in the last month. I promise – the main staples of my diet are not butter, sugar and flour! Though maybe I wish they could be.

As I’ve mentioned before – May = birthdays. Yesterday was my mother’s, and I knew that making a cake or an entire batch of cupcakes for three people (Mom, bro, me) wasn’t really a good idea. Sure, lots of extra…but that means that I’d just keep eating it.

Self-control is not exactly my middle name.

The remedy – get to a bakery stat!!

I had been in Salem, NH earlier in the week, and had noticed a new (to me) lil’ cupcake shop called Who You Callin’ Cupcake? and decided to do a little research – after some Yelp help I decided that it was worth the drive, and got my butt over there before the schools all let out for the day and traffic was ridiculous.


Very easy to get to – the parking lot was a little packed with people getting pizza and subs at a place next door, but they had a couple of reserved spots just for the bakery. Nice touch. I was surprised that the windows looked really dark when I pulled up; I actually wasn’t sure if it was open – but there was that open sign beckoning me to the front door.

I was inititally surprised by it’s darkness – but I took to the more “industrial theme” pretty quickly. It went with the snappy attitude of the name, and quite frankly it was kinda of refreshing to not walk into a pearly, pink bakery full of miniature cakes. Kinda badass.

The case was full of fun looking flavors (the pistachio immediately caught my eye), and the prices were absolutely incredible compared to Boston pricing. $2 – $2.50 per (normal, baked them in your own oven-sized) cupcake (apparently $3 for some that contain liquor). That’s a $1 to $1.50 less than cupcakes (of smaller stature) in Boston! WIN! The girl behind the counter was so nice. I could see some more…traditional individuals… being put off or maybe intimidated by the “Rock N Roll” nature of the place and staff, but judgement gets you nowhere…and in this case you’d be missing out on awesome cupcakes.

After scoping out the case and counters, I settled on 4 cupcakes: Pistachio (one of my mom’s favorite flavors), Red Velvet (I felt obligated πŸ˜‰ ), White Chocolate Raspberry, and Cookies and Creme.

Packaging and logo – adorable, right? Love the corset on the cupcake – I’ll need one of ’em soon if I keep eating like this… haha

Alright, let’s get down to business – first off, ALL of the cupcakes were incredibly moist and light. Major points in my book.

The Pistachio.

By the time we dug into this, the nuts on top had gotten a little soft, but that didn’t take away anything from the cupcake. It was light, airy and moist, and the frosting was like air. It was ever-so lightly flavored of sweet pistachio – enough for you to enjoy it and know it’s there, but not overwhelming, and the green color made it a fun one! The scent of the cake was incredible. I’d never seen a pistachio cupcake before, and I would get this again in a heartbeat.

The White Chocolate Raspberry.

This was a vanilla cake, filled with a bit of raspberry jam and topped with, I believe, a white chocolate type frosting and raspberry sauce. Again, a moist and light cake, and the jam in the middle was fantastic – naturally sweet and sour. It was like they just put a raspberry in there. So great. The frosting was great on this one, too – but the jam in the middle stole the show, for me.

The Red Velvet.

Props to them for this one. A great cake, but for me, red velvet is all about the icing – and they hit it out of the park. The icing is a really great, smooth and light cream cheese. I can’t say much more other than they do it better than most other red velvet cupcakes I’ve tried.

The Cookies and Creme.

This was great. I had never seen the whole – cookies in the batter – thing done before. Awesome.

It was still super light – even with the cookies all mixed in – and the frosting was so good.

We shared them all – and they were all fantastic. I think the pistachio was my fave – simply because the flavor was new to me!

All in all – if you’re ever in the Southern NH/Rockingham County area – check this place out. Awesome cupcakes and a badass (but nice!!) vibe.

8 thoughts on “Who You Callin’ Cupcake?

  1. Ohh my gosh..this post made me drool. I am beyond obsessed with a good cupcake!! I’m with you though, I have to get individual servings opposed to a whole cake..otherwise I’ll eat it all!

  2. Hey Jill!, I happened upon your review of Who You Callin Cupcake?, completely by accident! I want to thank you for sharing your thoughts and beautiful pics! What a great surprise!!!! I hope you make it back our way as we are constantly creating new and delicious cakes. Just made a batch of Limoncello cupcakes made from a friends homemade frozen, super creamy Limoncello (contains alcohol). They are one of my favorites to date! Again, THANKS!!!!
    Shelly xoxo

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